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Parenting is complicated enough. Small things can make a big difference.

Starting baby on solids is an exciting milestone. But let’s face it, the world of weaning can be a bit of a whirlwind, especially when you are prepping food for the rest of the family too.


Little ones at every age and stage should be able to join in family mealtimes. Not only does this save on kitchen prep time, but letting your baby experience a variety of foods will only help towards good eating habits in the future.

That’s where Itsy® provides a helping hand.

Making blitzing a breeze

If you are starting out with weaning, the Itsy Blitz® speedily blends a baby-sized portion of your family meal, or any delicious recipe you’ve prepared. Perfect portion sizing and ideal for blitzing for any mealtime – breakfast, lunch or dinner. Plus, it’s unique size makes it convenient and portable. It’s the perfect weaning partner for purees or finger food.

Master weaning with these Itsy Blitz® recipes

Downloadable weaning guides 

Here are some simple guides to help you and your baby sail with solids. Save to your mobile device or print and stick on your fridge door!

Top 20 Puree Combinations

Babies need to pack-in variety, but where to begin? Here’s a helpful reference guide to some of the best nutrient-rich foods for your baby to explore.

Nutrient-rich foods for babies

The list of food babies can eat is long and varied, and it can be daunting knowing where to begin. So, to make things simple we’ve created a quick reference guide to some of the best nutrient-rich foods for your baby.

Wean with Itsy®  

Itsy Blitz® Baby Food Portable Blender with Bowl & Spoon


Take the portable Itsy Blitz®  blender with you, wherever the day takes you! Make what you want, when you want with complete freedom!


Make fresh, healthy and homemade baby food in an instant.


Handheld and portable, the Itsy Blitz®  is so portable and lightweight, it can fit in a handbag or changing bag no problem!


The cost of ingredients is pennies compared to big brand jars & sachets – so go, save a few quid!


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