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Get. Set. Wean

When is my baby ready? What foods should I start with? Is baby-led weaning for me? How do I get my baby to be a good eater? What about allergies?

Introducing a nutrient-packed, varied diet from the beginning of your baby’s food journey will help to give them the very best start. But with so many factors to consider when starting out, the world of weaning can feel like a bit of a whirlwind!

But help is at hand! I’ve supported millions of weaning families, and I’m here to help you too.  Here’s just a taster of the helpful advice, tips & recipes you can access through my website.

PLUS, I’ve just launched an EXCLUSIVE Weaning Week offer on my popular Digital Weaning Course. So if you’re staying safe at home, you don’t need to wean alone. Check it out HERE. 

Weaning recipes for every stage

It’s important to move quickly through different textures- mastering the art of biting, chewing and eating safely so that they can enjoy a wide variety of foods

Your feeding questions answered

We have the answers to all your essential questions around weaning and feeding your baby.

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