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As you embark on your weaning adventure, it’s natural to feel a little apprehensive and overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve gathered all the information you need to know about feeding your baby in one helpful weaning hub! This is your go-to guide to baby’s food in the first year. We’ll take you through every stage of your baby’s weaning journey step-by-step.

Whether you’re looking for advice, handy tips, recipes or product recommendations to make life that little bit easier, we’ve got it covered. With 100’s of recipes, from first tastes through to baby’s first year, you won’t be short on ideas for feeding your baby.

Scroll through Annabel’s top baby food advice articles and commonly asked questions. And, if you’re concerned about baby weaning and food allergies, drop into our dedicated allergy section.

Ready? Let’s go!

Weaning recipes from first tastes to first year

Annabel's top baby recipe picks

Annabel’s baby food products, apps & digital courses

Organic Baby Purees

Annabel’s delicious, nutritious Organic Baby Purees are inspired by her favourite home-cooked recipes. Each pouch contains nothing but pure, wholesome goodness.

Organic Baby Pasta

Adding Annabel’s baby pasta shapes to a tasty puree or sauce helps to introduce texture and encourages your baby to chew.

Baby & Toddler Recipe App

Annabel’s #1 rated Baby & Toddler Recipe App is newly updated and filled with over 300 delicious recipes, meal planners, shopping lists and more.

Digital Weaning Course

Set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy, happy eating with the ultimate step-by-step online audio course from Annabel Karmel and the Early Years Nutrition Partnership.

Annabel's weaning cookbooks

Discover the shiny NEW edition of Annabel’s #1 rated Baby & Toddler Recipe App 

Now packed with over 300 recipes, meal planners and a brand new Allergy Tracker.

The ultimate pocket guide for baby, toddler & family mealtime inspiration.


100’s of nutritious recipes for baby

These easy to follow, nutritious baby food recipes are packed with goodness for your growing baby.

Whether it’s first taste purees and finger foods, baby breakfast ideas, recipes to introduce texture, healthy snacks or allergen free ideas, you’ll love experimenting with your baby.

Baby breakfast recipes

Top puree recipes

Introducing more texture

Top baby-led weaning recipes

Baby snack recipes

Baby Food Advice & Tips

We have all the baby food advice and articles you need on how to care for your little one;  the practicalities of how to get started, whether to opt for baby-led or spoon-led, understanding your baby’s nutritional needs, coping with feeding challenges, tackling textures, understanding allergies, and more.

Advice on food allergies for babies

From nuts to wheat, dairy to eggs, we have all your allergy concerns and questions covered. Access practical information, easy to follow guidance, and all the latest advice brought to you by resident experts Professor Adam Fox and Allergy UK. Read up on the most common food allergens, spotting allergy symptoms in your baby and child and understanding the difference between allergy and intolerance.