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National Weaning Week is here! OK so it’s no Christmas but if you’re preparing to wean or in the throes of weaning you will appreciate what a crucial stage this is in your child’s long-term development. There are so many considerations from selecting the right foods and ensuring your baby is getting the right balance of critical nutrients they need to choosing the style of weaning. While spoon-fed weaning has been the traditional approach, baby-led weaning has become incredibly popular in recent years. Neither choice is right or wrong, as new parents, you should explore both methods – you may find that a combination of the two works best for you.

Ultimately you should just do what feels right for you and your baby. Of course, being a busy parent means that time isn’t always on your side… So how can parents integrate this next step easily into everyday life and still ensure that their baby is getting exactly what they need? Cue the Nutribaby (+)

What Is The Nutribaby(+) created by Babymoov

The ultimate 5-in-1 food prep solution The Nutribaby(+) is specifically designed for the easy preparation of weaning foods with the dual ability to cook whole family meals simultaneously, giving you more precious time to enjoy the best bits of parenting. One button activates all functions, there are two separate baskets and three blending speeds – I’ve been trying mine out on a selection of some of my favourite weaning recipes recently and it really is as simple as that.


How can it help you as a parent?

With the largest cooking capacity on the market, you can use The Nutribaby(+) to prepare a week’s worth of baby meals in advance or cook a meal for the whole family (batch cook and freeze your meals). Steaming, blending and bottle warming functions not only extend the value and life of the product through pregnancy, early years and beyond, but make this a worthwhile investment in fresh food prep for the whole family.


Weaning your baby often requires a combination of time-consuming food prep processes including milk, purees and solid foods - all the while trying to ensure your baby gets optimum nutrition, too. The ingenious multi-function of the Nutribaby(+) allows the easiest transition from milk to solids for baby at a crucial stage of development. As well as providing the most time-savvy solution for parents who can now relax knowing homemade meals for baby and the whole family needn't take them away from the more precious moments - Annabel Karmel


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