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The Finger Foods Range

Baked, not fried, Annabel’s Famous Finger Foods are free from artificial flavours and preservatives. In fact, they’re made from ingredients families would find in their very own kitchens. 

As well as Mighty Meaty Bites, this expert range of finger foods, also includes Annabel’s Yummy Chicken & Apple Bites.  Both of which are suitable for home freezing and nutritionist approved.

Available exclusively online and in-store at Tesco.


Why are Finger Foods Good For Babies

These delicious finger foods are a fun way to encourage co-ordination and develop the skills necessary to bite, chew and self-feed. Suitable for babies aged 12 months+, these Mighty Meaty Bites are yummy enough that the whole family will want to try them, even fussy eaters. With 4-5 servings per pack they are a great way to get the whole family sharing and enjoying a meal. 


Why is meat good for babies

Iron deficiency anaemia is the most common nutritional problem during early childhood. When a baby is born they inherit stores of iron from their mothers which start to run out at 6 months. Babies need this iron for brain development, and red meat is the best source of iron. Mighty Meaty Bites contain both pork and beef, a great source of iron. 

Meat is also a great source of protein. Meat, as  well as dairy products, fish and soy, contain essential amino acids (these are the amino acids that the body needs but can not make itself). Humans need amino acids for growth and repair and so it is important for babies to get enough protein. 



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