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Why Finger Foods

Finger foods are the fantastic for when your little one is determined to feed themselves. Be warned, this can be a messy time as babies and toddlers enjoy playing with their food! Finger foods and lumpy textures help your baby’s chewing technique which later helps with speech development. 

These Yummy Chicken and Apple bites and are available exclusively at Tesco, along with Annabel’s other Famous Finger Foods: Mighty Meaty Bites.


Why Chicken is good for little ones

Chicken is a fantastic finger food and introduction to meat. It has a mild and versatile flavour which makes it perfect for fussy eaters.

Packed full of zinc, needed for growth and the immune system, and iron, which is important for brain development, chicken is great for babies. Chicken is also a good source of protein, needed for the growth and repair of cells. 


More about the Finger Foods Range

The Yummy Chicken and Apple bites and Mighty Meaty Bites are approved by leading nutritionist and dietician Sarah Almond Bushell. They are baked, not fried, and free from artificial flavours and preservatives. In fact, they’re made from ingredients families would find in their very own kitchens. 

They are suitable for children aged 12 months+ and they are suitable for home freezing. Keep an eye on our Offers page to find out when our food products are on sale. 

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