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Pregnancy Vices

The most common vices:


Experts are still unsure how much, if any, alcohol of safe to drink when pregnant. Therefore, the safest thing to do is not to drink at all as alcohol passes from mother to baby through the placenta.

When your baby is growing inside you, one of the last organs to develop is the liver. The liver is responsible for processing alcohol and so, without a liver, your baby can’t remove the alcohol and too much exposure can seriously affect your baby.

Drinking in the first three months can increase your risk of miscarriage, premature birth and low birth weight and drinking heavily can lead to foetal alcohol syndrome. For more information on alcohol in pregnancy please click here.

Not quite the same as a chilled chardonnay but adding fizzy water to your favourite cordial can spruce up a social occasion, especially if you put it in a champagne glass.


There are risks associated with too much caffeine in pregnancy but most professionals agree that limiting your intake to a couple of cups a day is ok. Beware of your Starbucks beverages or strong espressos as it is easy to underestimate their strength. A caffeine-free version of your favourite pick up is a good pregnancy compromise.


If ever you needed an incentive to quit smoking, pregnancy is it! Cigarettes are bad for baby as they limit the blood flow through the placenta which is the baby’s sole source of nutrients. Smoking also poses risks to the baby after birth as second-hand smoke increases the risk of a host of problems, including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. For information, and to find further support, please click here.


Drugs pose serious health implications to you and your unborn child. As well as the obvious no-go drugs during pregnancy, you also need to check that prescription medicines, alternative and herbal remedies are safe. Speak with your midwife or doctor about anything you are taking to ensure it is safe for baby and you. For friendly, confidential advice, please visit FRANK.

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