Everyone is likely to have an opinion on your body bump but worry not, the only person whose opinion you need is the babe inside. And they think your body and your bump are pretty perfect.

You may not always feel at your best throughout your pregnancy but you are likely to become nostalgic for this relatively brief period of bump-ness after the birth. Rather than pining for your skinny jeans, pack them away and celebrate this chapter of your life by taking a bump cast and photos for prosperity.

Weight gain

There are no official guidelines for pregnancy weight gain but the average woman puts on around 25lbs, mostly after 20 weeks. By the time you reach your due date, just over a third of your weight gain will be baby, placenta and amniotic fluid. The other two thirds are due to changes in your body; additional blood volume, fluid, fuller breasts, fat stores, and extra uterine muscle growth.

Your midwife will keep an eye on your weight gain to ensure it is healthy. You shouldn’t diet during pregnancy but resist the urge to splurge on unhealthy foods; a healthy balanced diet is best for baby and you.

Women are advised to have 2,000 calories a day. It is only during the last trimester that your pregnant body needs more than this, and even then it is just an additional 200 calories a day which should come from nutritious food choices; a slice of toast and baked beans or bowl of cereal with semi-skimmed milk are around 200 calorie options.

Breast tenderness

Your breasts are gearing up for the busiest chapter of their lives, making milk for your little miracle. They can feel tender before you even realise you are pregnant thanks to the boosted blood volume and hormone surges that kick off once you become pregnancy.

Keep things comfy with sports bras for non-wired support. Get measured regularly throughout your pregnancy to ensure your bras fit your changing boobs. And if you plan on breastfeeding, you can save money by buying nursing bras while pregnant as they can be worn before and after baby arrives.


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