It is worth having your hospital bags packed in advance and left in the vicinity of the front door so they can be grabbed in a flash. By including your partner in the packing process they will be able to locate things for you when you request them.

Your bag

As well as your birth plan, make sure you pack breast pads and maternity towels which will help you stay soggy-free in the days following the birth. It is normal to bleed for a few days and sanitary towels may not be up to the job.

You’ll want to pack some big comfy cotton pants to make Bridget Jones proud. You could consider disposable ones to make things more convenient for the first few days, but they aren’t always as comfortable and you are likely to feel a bit tender.

The other half of your glamorous hospital undies set is your nursing bra, invest in a couple so that once home you can wear one while you wash one.

Pyjamas are a must! Leave your onesie at home and pack some soft stretchy cotton ones; they will be comfy after labour or a caesarean and ideal for breastfeeding.

You won’t know how long your hospital stay might be so pack a wash bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hairbands, deodorant, and wet wipes.

Baby’s bag

Packing a bag for the baby you haven’t met yet is fun if not a bit surreal. Pack six vests, six babygrows, a hat, blanket and a large pack of nappies. Muslin squares can be useful too, protecting both your clothes and baby’s if they bring milk up after a feed.

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