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Top 10 weaning recipes for baby

Reaching that all important milestone of weaning your baby is a key moment for every parent. It’s exciting and full of fun, but it can also be a little daunting. Fear not! Annabel’s got you covered with her top 10 weaning recipes to help you and your little one get started on your weaning adventure!

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Top 10 recipes to get you started on your weaning journey

introducing texture and flavour annabel karmel

Baby’s First Bolognese Sauce

Babies need all-important iron introduced into their diet from 6 months so recipes such as this classic baby-friendly beef Bolognese is a great option to help up their intake during weaning.


Easy One Pot Chicken

Chicken blends well with root veggies such as carrot and sweet potato and fruit such as apple so try this easy puree recipe for your weaning baby as a tasty intro to meat.


Piccolo Cherry Tomato, Squash & Spinach Orzo Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Cherry Tomato, Squash & Spinach Orzo

This is such a delicious and nutritionally balanced meal for your tiny tot. Orzo pasta is the perfect size to encourage your baby to tackle texture and learn to chew during weaning.


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Lovely Lentils

One of Annabel’s most popular weaning recipes and suitable from 6 months. Sweet, soft and smooth, this vegetarian-friendly puree is packed with vital nutrients such as protein, iron and fibre for your growing baby.


Did you know that you can make the freshest, healthiest lollies with just a few ingredients? These zero-sugar fruit and veggie lollies are delicious and not only a healthy treat but will also soothe sore gums if your little one is teething.


chicken meatballs with carrot and tomato sauce recipe annabel karmel

Chicken Balls with Tomato & Carrot Sauce

From around 9 months, babies can start to join in on family mealtimes and this recipe is sure to be your family’s new go-to! Packed full of flavour with a simple and fresh carrot and tomato sauce – it’ll be clean plates all round!


Dippy Eggs with Sweet Potato Soldiers

In need of some breakfast recipe inspo for your weaning baby? Try this simple twist on dippy eggs which babies (and kids) will love.


*British Lion eggs are approved by the Food Standards Agency to be served runny to pregnant women, babies, young children and elderly people. Click here for more simple twists on everyday eggs.

My First Chicken Curry

Yes babies can join in on curry night too! It’s important to introduce lots of flavours to your baby early on so this baby chicken curry recipe is the perfect introduction to curry and mild spice.


Trio of Vegetables with Tomatoes & Basil

Root vegetables are a great first food for your baby as they puree to a smooth consistency. Plus, the winning combination of butternut squash and carrot paired with tomatoes, basil and cheese is sure to liven up baby’s taste buds!


Salmon & Broccoli Croquettes

Nutritionally speaking, salmon and broccoli are two food heroes. These croquettes are the perfect finger food recipe for baby-led weaning and a tasty way to ensure your baby is getting a good dose of essentially fatty acids (and those all-important greens!)


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