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10 easy midweek meal recipes

Hungry kids? Need something easy to cook in the week? Here are 10 of the most popular recipes our families love to cook when busy. They’re speedy, super tasty, and easy to make.

From delicious one-pots, to quick pasta recipes and fakeaways, Annabel is on hand to feed the family in a flash.


10. Creamy Gnocchi with Chicken, Spinach & Tomatoes

This Creamy Chicken & Tomato Gnocchi Recipe is a fast and easy dinner made with fresh tomatoes, diced chicken, gnocchi, and broccoli florets, all mixed together in a light cream & Parmesan cheese sauce. Ready in less than 20 minutes!


9.Chicken & Tomato Parmigana

Chicken & Tomato Parmigana by Annabel Karmel

This Chicken & Tomato Parmigana is a hearty & warming week night dinner recipe. The whole family can tuck into this easy-peasy tray bake.


8. Tomato, Chicken, Spinach & Cheese Pasta Bake

Tomato, Chicken, Spinach & Cheese Pasta Bake by Annabel Karmel

This is such a quick & wholesome weeknight dinner recipe. Trust me, there will be nothing left on their plates! And the best part is, the veggies are already sneaked in the sauce!


7. Piccolo Cherry Tomato & Mascarpone Risotto

Piccolo Cherry Tomato & Mascarpone Risotto by Annabel Karmel

In need of quick & easy weeknight meal inspiration? This Piccolo Cherry Tomato & Mascarpone Risotto will be a new family favourite.


6. Puff Pastry Pinwheels

Puff Pastry Pinwheels by Annabel karmel

Bread, cheese and tomato – the stuff that champions/pizza are made of. To be enjoyed as an impressive entrée or even as a midday pick-me-up, there’s no need to throw a party just to enjoy these. Plus, packed with heaps of Vitamin E and C from the plump Piccolos, there’s a lot of goodness in these delicious morsels. Trust me, they’re wheelie so good that once you’ve tried them, they’re guaranteed to be your new favourite tomato go-to.


5. Chicken Pesto & Tomato Pasta 

Roasted Piccolo Cherry Tomatoes & Pesto Pasta Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Isn’t pesto one of the best foods ever created? The flavour is so bold and vibrant. This recipe makes for one of the easiest and best pasta sauces, plus its healthy! Toss with mini penne pasta and some sweet roasted cherry tomatoes to make this tasty Roasted Piccolo Cherry Tomatoes & Pesto Pasta.


4. Mac & Cheese Muffins  

Macaroni & Cheese Muffins Recipe by Annabel Karmel

The kids will love these Macaroni & Cheese Muffins, a creative way of cooking mac and cheese! Macaroni is baked with a cheese sauce in muffin tins. Allow the muffins to cool a little before serving to let the cheese set.


3. Rainbow Fritters 

Sweetcorn & Tomato Rainbow Fritters recipe by Annabel Karmel

This recipe for Sweetcorn & Tomato Rainbow Fritters is super easy. Simply add whichever seasonal vegetables you have to hand. A perfect finger food packed full of flavour!


2. Roasted Tomato Soup 

This Roasted Cherry Tomato Soup is a classic soup recipe with a Mediterranean make-over using roasted Piccolo Cherry Tomatoes.

1. Chicken Balls with Carrot & Tomato Sauce

Chicken Balls with Tomato & Carrot Sauce recipe by Annabel Karmel

These delicious Chicken Balls with Tomato & Carrot Sauce is a simple and fresh dish packed full of flavour. A foolproof recipe packed with veggies that even the fussiest of eaters will enjoy! This was one of our most shared recipes of 2021!

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