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Sarnie Study with Warburtons

More than half of British parents are stuck in a rut when it comes to preparing kids lunches, so Warburtons has partnered with Annabel Karmel to inspire parents with fun and creative packed-lunch ideas.

For many parents, the start of a new school year can be a welcome break after a jam-packed summer holiday. Although when it comes to preparing children’s lunches, new research commissioned by Warburtons with Annabel Karmel has found more than half of parents (52%) feel stuck in a rut, with 41% admitting they pack the same lunch for their children 5 times a week.

The research also reveals three in five parents (60%) struggle to get creative in the kitchen and a third of parents (38%) admit to feeling pressured that parents or teachers will judge the lunch they provide for their children.

Coming up with new ideas for the family is no simple task, especially when three in four households still rely on the trusty loaf for packed lunches (75%). To help liven-up the nation’s lunchboxes this September, Warburtons has partnered with leading children’s food expert Annabel Karmel to create a stack of lunchbox recipes, tips and tools, with tricks and twists on simple classics, and new ways to get kids discovering new foods.

Annabel Karmel, The UK’s No.1 kid’s cookery author, comments, “With jam-packed family schedules and a lack of inspiration in the kitchen department, it’s no wonder our packed-lunch repertoire has gone a little stale.  That’s why I’ve teamed up with Warburtons to arm the nation with simple but super-tasty recipes, tips and hacks to spread a little lunchbox envy and liven-up those sandwiches.”

Jane McMillan, Head of Marketing Communications Warburtons comments, “We’re delighted to be working with the leading name in children’s food to inspire even the most time-pressured of parents, and we’re sure that the combination of Annabel’s simple ideas and our delicious products will be a recipe for lunchbox success.!

The data released by Warburtons also shows that 43% of parents often go to any extent to prompt their fussy eaters to finish a meal. Old adages are still the best, as parents admit they frequently encourage children to ‘eat their vegetables as they’ll help them see in the dark’ and ‘crusts will make their hair curly’. Modernisations of these include “eating broccoli helps you swim faster” and ‘Lettuce helps you score more goals’.

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