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Why is salmon so important in your baby’s diet?

Oily fish such as salmon is the best source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids for your growing baby.

These fatty acids are ‘essential’ as they help the development of your child’s vision, nervous system, as well as brain growth and development.

Plus, they help to reduce inflammation and enhance the function of their immune cells.

Try out this superfood with the salmon recipes below!

Salmon can be given from 6 months once those first tastes have been given

Aim for 2 servings of oily fish twice a week (but no more due to pollutants found in oily fish which may build up in the body).

There are no set portion size guidelines for a baby under 1 year but for a toddler aged 1-4 years roughly aim for a 40g portion.

Tinned salmon is also a good source of calcium (because of the bones). Just ensure they are completely grounded/blended for your baby before serving.





Glazed Salmon & Chinese Rice 

glazed salmon and chinese rice recipe by annabel karmel

This is a recipe you’ll want to keep to hand! Not only is this delicious salmon dish high in that all-important omega-3, it’s got bags of flavour making it marvelously moreish. The whole family are sure to love this tasty combo.

Salmon Fish Cakes 

salmon fish cakes recipe by annabel karmel

Mini salmon fish cakes , perfectly formed for little hands and hungry tummies . A great way to boost you baby’s intake of those vital essential fatty acids and mummy and daddy can tuck in too!

Super Salmon Puree

super salmon puree recipe by annabel karmel

Oily fish is the best source of essential fatty acids which are vital for your baby’s brain and visual development. Ideally you should include oily fish like salmon twice a day in your baby’s diet. Here’s a tasty recipe to get your gurgling gourmet excited about fish for dinner!

Salmon & Pea Pasta salmon and pea pasta recipe by annabel karmel

Top up your omega 3 by eating salmon in this light yet creamy pasta dish, mixed with leek, pea & dill.

We hope you enjoyed these nutritious salmon recipes. For more nutritional information, see our article on essential fatty acids.

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