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Watermelon Monster

This Watermelon Monster is sure to be a roaring success! Plus, it’s a fantastic way to help attack that five-a-day target even on their birthday…

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Prep Time: 40 minutes
Makes: 1 watermelon monster
Great for:  Family Recipes Kids 2-4 Years Kids 4+ Years
1 x large watermelon
2 cantaloupe melons
Gem Lettuce

Melon baller
  1. Using a sharp knife cut a slice off the top of the watermelon and carve out the mouth. Scoop out the flesh with a melon baller creating as many balls as you can and then remove the rest of the flesh but leaving a slight border around the inside. Drain away any juices.
  2. Cut the cantaloupe melons in half, remove the seeds and scoop out balls of the flesh using a melon baller.
  3. Arrange the carved watermelon on a large round platter and fill with a mixture of melon balls, grapes and blueberries
  4. Arrange gem lettuce leaves around the platter and fill with extra fruit including strawberries and orange wedges.
  5. Finish off by creating eyes from slices of oranges, cantaloupe melon balls and blueberries and attach to the top of the melon using cocktail sticks.

*Be sure to cut grapes and melon balls into quarters before serving to younger children to avoid the risk of choking. 

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