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Melon Brain

Serve up a special potion of fizz at your party, next to slices of melon brains. Also a sufficiently ghoulish treat on Halloween.

Prep Time: 25 minutes
Cook Time: No Cook
Makes: Approx 900ml fizz and 1 melon brain
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Melon Brain

1 small watermelon

Cranberry and Elderlower Fizz

200 ml cranberry juice
150 ml elderflower cordial
45 ml sparkling water
  1. Use a vegetable peeler to remove the green skin of the watermelon to expose the white rind.
  2. Slice off the base of the melon so that it is flat and will not roll.
  3. With a cocktail stick or skewer, outline the squiggly furrows that resemble the surface of the brain.
  4. Finally using a small sharp knife, carve narrow channels along the squiggles to expose the pink flesh of the water melon.
  5. To make the potion, measure all of the ingredients into a jug and stir together.

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