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Kitten Cakes

For these Kitten Cakes, turn your American Twinkies into cute cats in five easy steps.

For another fun recipe, try making these Pink Piggy Cupcakes with your little ones!


Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: No Cook
Makes: 12
Great for:  Family Recipes Kids 4+ Years Family
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9 Yodels or Ho Hos
9 Twinkies
1 sachet milk chocolate flavour drizzlers
white writing icing
white ready to roll fondant
mini fruit imperials or mini M&Ms
black writing icing
Non Pareil covered chocolate drops
  1. Make stripes on 6 of the Twinkies using the milk chocolate drizzler which has been melted in the microwave. Make stripes on 6 of the Yodels using white Writing Icing.
  2. Cut one third off each end of the un-iced Twinkies and Yodels to make 12 heads for the cats. Cut circles from the ready to roll white fondant for the cat’s eyes (you can use the top of the Writing Icing as a guide and cut around it with a sharp knife or use the open end of a piping nozzle) and stick on all the features using some of the melted chocolate drizzler (you can stick a toothpick into the melted chocolate to apply it).
  3. Add mini fruit imperials for the eyes and draw a vertical line down the centre using black Writing Icing. Cut the chocolate drops into quarters for the ears and add pink fruit Imperials for the noses and red licorice for the whiskers.
  4. Use melted chocolate drizzler to attach the cat’s heads onto their bodies. Hold in place until set.
  5. Add birthday candles for tails.

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