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Ice Lollies – 3-Ways

Bursting with vitamins and minerals these fresh and fruity Ice Lollies – 3-Ways are great for teething and a fantastic way to make sure your baby is getting lots of essential nutrients in their diet.

And, if you offer any of these vitamin-C rich lollies after your baby has eaten a meal containing non-haem iron (a vegetarian source of iron), it can help to increase iron absorption. Lollies all round!

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Makes: 3 mini ice lollies in each flavour
Great for:  Baby Recipes First Foods 6-9 Months 9-12 Months
Suitable for Freezing

Mango, carrot & apple ice lollies

20g ripe mango, dice finely
50g carrot, peeled & grated
50 mls apple juice

Banana, blueberry & yoghurt ice lollies

25g banana, sliced
25g blueberries
25 mls apple juice
1tbs plain yoghurt

Strawberry & yoghurt ice lollies

45g strawberries, chopped
1 tbs plain yoghurt
15 mls apple juice
  1. Measure all of the ingredients into the Itsy Blitz® blender.
  2. Blitz to desired consistency.
  3. Pour into 3 little ice lolly moulds.
  4. Freeze for 6 hours.

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