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Piccolo Cherry Tomato Santa’s

Holiday fun foods aren’t always just for the kids, our bite-sized Piccolo Cherry Tomato Santa’s are the perfect family pleaser. They’re elegant, easy to prepare and taste fantastic.

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Prep Time: 10 minutes
20 Piccolo Cherry Tomatoes
100g cream cheese
17g thick block gruyere cheese
Chia seeds
10 cocktail sticks
  1. Put a cocktail stick through the tomato on a board. Cut the bottom of the tomato so it stands up steady.
  2. Pipe a little cream cheese on top.
  3. Stamp out 10 rounds of gruyere chees using a 2cm round cutter.
  4. Wet your finger with a little water. Pick up two Chia seeds and place on the Cheese to make Santa’s face.
  5. Thread the cheese onto the cocktail stick. Pipe a little more cream cheese on top.
  6. Put half a cherry tomato on top to make Santa’s hat. Pipe a little cream cheese on top to make the hat’s bobble.
  7. Repeat with the remaining ingredients to make 10 Santa’s.

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