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9-12 month Breakfast Finger Foods

  • Choose from a selection of finger foods including:
  • Fresh fruits: Apple, apricot, banana, kiwi fruit, orange, pear, plum...
  • Dried fruits: Apple rings, banana chips, dates, soft prunes...
  • Breads and Rusks; Fingers of firm bread like toast, pitta, bagels
  • Wholegrain breakfast cereals: Choose cereals with low salt and no added sugar that are fortified with iron and vitamins
  • Cheese sticks
  • Halved, hard boiled eggs


  1. Often babies who have been good eaters in the past can become more difficult to feed. It’s a good idea to eat together whenever you can and make mealtimes fun and sociable to encourage her to join in.
  2. Just because a child doesn’t like cooked vegetables it doesn’t mean they won’t like the same vegetables raw, so try both versions where appropriate.
  3. Avoid giving your baby whole grapes, ice cubes, olives or any other foods that might get stuck in her throat.
  4. Many babies who are teething enjoy biting in to something cold. Try making fresh fruit ice lollies, or chilling sticks of carrot of cucumber in the freezer or in ice water for a few minutes.
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