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Annabel Karmel
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Birthday Train Cake

Choo choo! Make way for every child’s dream cake. This impressive show-stopper is actually really easy to make with no baking involved. Often there just simply isn’t time to cook-up a Great British Bake-Off worthy cake so this is my cheats recipe to excel you to Star Baker in less than 40 minutes. And, it’s the perfect recipe to get those mini helpers in the kitchen too – birthday boys and girls will love to help decorate their very own birthday train cake!

Prep Time: 30-40 minutes
Makes: 1 birthday train cake
Great for:  Kids - 2-4 Years Kids 4+ Years
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1 X 265g raspberry Swiss roll
4 x small Madeira loaf cake
250g soft butter
350g icing sugar
2 tbsp milk
50g white fondant icing
500g yellow fondant icing
500g red fondant icing
9 x 20g Kit Kat bars
1x 140g packet Jammie Dodgers
1 x packet of mini Jammie Dodgers
1 x packet mint Matchmakers
Mini Flake
Liquorice Allsorts
Dolly Mixture
Midget Gems
Gummy Bears
Desiccated coconut
Green food colouring
1 ice cream cone cup
20g popcorn

Birthday candles
  1. First make the buttercream. Whisk the butter until soft. Add the icing sugar and milk. Whisk again until pale and fluffy.
  2. Mix the desiccated coconut with a little green food colouring to make grass. Spread this out on a large board or tray (long enough to sit the whole train on).
  3. Unwrap the Swiss roll and Madeira cakes. Trim all of the Madeira cakes to straighten the edges slightly. Slice and remove 1/3 of the Swiss roll.
  4. Roll out the yellow fondant. Take one Madeira loaf and the Swiss roll and spread some buttercream around the sides of the two cake pieces.
  5. Fold some rolled yellow fondant over the Madeira sponge and then do the same with the Swiss roll sponge so you have two completely yellow fondant covered cake pieces. Carefully smooth over and trim the edges.
  6. Stand the yellow fondant covered Madeira loaf on its side up-right and stick together with the Swiss roll using a little of the butter cream to make the train engine.
  7. Create a window with some of the white fondant icing for the engine at the front of the train and cut down some Matchmakers to make the window frame. Stick onto the fondant using a little buttercream.
  8. Spread the buttercream over the remaining Madeira loaves. Roll out the red fondant icing and fold over the loaves to make the carriages.
  9. Arrange the engine and 3 carriages onto the board with desiccated coconut grass. Use some Matchmakers to make the railway track.
  10. Break the Kit Kats into pieces to fit them on top of each carriage. Stick on with a little buttercream. Fill each Kit Kat compartment with Liquorice Allsorts, Dolly Mixture, Midget Gems and Gummy Bears.
  11. Arrange both the Jammie Dodgers and mini Jammie Dodgers to make the wheels of the train. Stick a Jammie Dodger and mini Jammie Dodger together to make the nose of the train & stick together using buttercream.
  12. Cut out a small hole in the top of the engine. Insert the ice cream cone & fill it with popcorn. Insert and light candles and sing Happy Birthday!

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