A ‘Slice of Fun’ Sweetcorn Rosti Pizza

A ‘Slice of Fun’ Sweetcorn Rosti Pizza

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450g large potatoes, peeled
1 large banana shallot, finely chopped
198g tin of Sweetcorn, drained
1 egg, beaten
1 egg yolk
2 tbsp sunflower oil
75g passata
2 tbsp red pesto
1 tbsp fresh basil, chopped
50g Parmesan cheese, grated
50g mozzarella cheese, grated
3 small tomatoes, sliced
1 tbsp fresh basil, chopped


  1. Coarsely grate the potatoes and place in a clean tea towel. Squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Put the potatoes into a bowl.
  2. Roughly chop 100g Green Giant Sweetcorn and add to the bowl with the potatoes, reserving the remainder. Add the shallots, egg and yolk and mix well. Lightly season.
  3. Heat the sunflower oil in a medium sized frying pan. Add the potato mixture and press down firmly to create a solid base. Fry for about 8 minutes until the base is golden and carefully slide the base onto a plate. Put the frying pan upside down on top, then carefully flip the pan and plate over, so the rosti can cook on the second side. Cook for 6 to 8 minutes.
  4. Preheat the grill.
  5. Mix the passata, pesto and basil together. Spread over the surface of the base. Top with the cheeses, remaining sweetcorn, tomatoes and basil.
  6. Place under the grill for about 8 minutes until golden and the cheese has melted. Slice into wedges.

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