Chicken, Broccoli & Crouton Salad

Broccoli is full of important nutrients, so where possible it’s always a great idea to add to your meals. This Chicken, Broccoli & Crouton Salad recipe is a great lunchbox option for the whole family – kids and adults alike. Plus, it only takes 10 minutes to prep – win win!

Turkey & Vegetable Rice Salad

This Piccolo cherry tomato and turkey rice salad is so delicious your little one will be sure to gobble it up! Packed with protein from the lean turkey and delicious (and nutritious) tomatoes, this hearty yet healthy salad is guaranteed to become your new tomato go-to.

Easy Asian Style Chicken Salad

Looking for a healthy lunch option? This chopped Asian chicken salad recipe is perfect for a healthy lunch on the go.

Buckwheat Pasta Salad

Buckwheat Pasta is a great gluten-free alternative to standard wheat pasta. Plus, buckwheat is a good plant-based source of protein. Toss the cooked pasta with a yummy dressing, broccoli, tomatoes & sweetcorn, to make a super pasta salad perfect for little one’s lunches or dinner.

Rainbow pasta salad Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Rainbow pasta salad

This rainbow pasta salad is filled with veggies and finished with a drizzle of one of our favourite salad dressings. For more yummy pasta salad ideas, give this Bow Tie Pasta Salad with Chicken a try!

Paprika Chicken Nourish Bowl Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Paprika Chicken Nourish Bowl

Nourish your body and lift your spirits with this delicious Paprika Chicken Nourish Bowl recipe. Filled with colourful veggies and tossed in a lemon mustard dressing. Click here for some more super salad ideas!

Confetti Quinoa Salad with Poached Egg Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Confetti Quinoa Salad with Poached Egg

This Confetti Quinoa Salad with Poached Egg is a perfect mid-week health kick. A hearty & healthy salad packed with protein and flavour. Click here for more super salad recipes!

Teriyaki Salmon Poke Bowl Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Teriyaki Salmon Poke Bowl

Can dinner get any more colourful than this? This delicious Japanese inspired Teriyaki Salmon Poke Bowl is bursting with flavour. Swap the salmon for your protein of choice, such as chicken or tofu. For more Japanese inspired recipes, try this Japanese Seared Tuna Salad or Teriyaki Salmon with Soba Noodles & Spring Onions

Blue Cheese Salad with Pears & Pecans Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Blue Cheese Salad with Pears & Pecans

This Blue Cheese Salad with Pears & Pecans is light summer salad perfect for alfresco dining. Toss seasonal pears with crumbled blue cheese and top with our delicious mustard dressing. For more super salad recipes, click here!

Orzo Rainbow Salad Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Orzo Rainbow Salad

You can make this tasty Orzo Rainbow Salad in 10 minutes. It is easy to prepare the night before you need it. All you have to do is toss in the dressing in the morning and pop it in your child’s lunchbox or, even better, put the salad dressing in a small pot and let …

Orzo Rainbow Salad Read More »

Japanese Seared Tuna Salad Recipe By Annabel Karmel

Japanese Seared Tuna Salad

This Asian-inspired sharing salad is topped with seared tuna steaks and crispy shallots. The Japanese Seared Tuna Salad is great for lunch or a light dinner.  

Piccolo Nourish Bowl

Piccolo Nourish Bowl

This Piccolo Nourish Bowl is a go-to nourish bowl recipe that’s a beautiful balance of nutrient-dense vegetables, quinoa, healthy fats, and quality proteins. If you love this recipe, try my Paprika Chicken Nourish Bowl

Cherry Tomato & Chicken Pasta Salad recipe by Annabel Karmel

Cherry Tomato & Chicken Pasta Salad

This simple Cherry Tomato & Chicken Pasta Salad is loaded with veggies and drizzled with a Japanese-inspired dressing. It’s bound to be a staple recipe for quick and easy lunchtimes.

Turkey, Broccoli, Pea and Tomato Pasta Salad Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Chicken, Broccoli, Pea & Tomato Pasta Salad

Swap soggy sandwiches for this super-fuelled chicken, broccoli, pea and tomato pasta salad. Perfect for lunchboxes and you can prepare it the night before and just add the dressing in the morning.

Giant Couscous Salad recipe by Annabel Karmel

Giant Couscous Salad

This Giant Couscous Salad recipe is one of Annabel’s favourite salads. The mix of the soft couscous, crunchy vegetables and pecans with the soy, mirin and red onion dressing is amazing. Giant couscous is not in fact couscous at all. It is made from small balls of pasta and it has a lovely bouncy texture. …

Giant Couscous Salad Read More »

Annabel's Quinoa Salad

Annabel’s Vegan Quinoa Salad

For an easy mid-week health kick, try this easy recipe for Annabel’s Quinoa Salad. If using dried quinoa, rinse it in a sieve under cold water before following the instructions on the packet. Once it is cooked and all the water has been absorbed, remove from the heat and leave uncovered for about 5 minutes, …

Annabel’s Vegan Quinoa Salad Read More »

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