Blueberry & Banana Bunny Muffins

Hop to it! Annabel’s Blueberry & Banana Bunny Muffins are so simple to make and fun to decorate – ideal for getting your little bobtails involved this Easter! Speed-up the muffin mix prep with Dualit’s Hand Mixer.  You’ll be decorating those bunnies in no time!

Mini Blueberry Muffins

Keep school mornings simple with these light and tasty mini blueberry muffins. Each one is packed full of blueberries and are perfect for quick on-the-go snacks or school lunches!

Chicken & Broccoli Tortilla Cups

Breakfast, brunch, or a easy little snack to have around in the fridge for those peckish moments. These Chicken & Broccoli Tortilla Cups are incredibly tasty, and packed with loads of protein to nourish the whole family.

Salmon & Broccoli Mini Muffins

Did you know that you can introduce salmon as soon as your baby is ready for solids, so from around the 6-month mark? Salmon contains many essential nutrients for babies including, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, iron and calcium. As such, you should aim to feed your little ones 2 portions of fish per week …

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Veggie Frittata Muffins recipe by Annabel Karmel

Veggie Frittata Muffins

Little ones and grown-ups need to refuel, so these Veggie Frittata Muffins are a nutritious, quick and easy recipe that you and your tot can enjoy together. One recipe for both means less cooking and washing-up for you, and more time spent eating good food together. Eggs are full of high quality protein, vitamins and …

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Carrot & Apple Muffins recipe by Annabel Karmel

Carrot & Apple Muffins

These gently spiced fruity muffins contain freshly grated carrots and apple. Get your little ones in the kitchen to help make these Carrot & Apple Muffins and decorate them as cute little bears. SUITABLE FROM 9 MONTHS + Find lots more marvellous muffin recipe ideas here!

Mini Piccolo Cherry Tomato & Cheese Muffins

If you’re looking for new ways to ‘super-fry’ your baby’s snacks then look no further than my Mini Piccolo Cherry Tomato & Cheese Muffins. You can also freeze these when cooked. Click here for more marvellous muffin recipes!

Carrot, Banana & Sultana Muffins Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Carrot, Banana & Sultana Muffins

These Carrot, Banana & Sultana Muffins are a great way to use up an over ripe banana. You can make these into mini muffins simply by chopping up the sultanas and baking for 12 to 15 minutes. This recipe should make approximately 24 mini muffins. For more marvellous muffin recipes click here!

Macaroni & Cheese Muffins Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Macaroni & Cheese Muffins

The kids will love these Macaroni & Cheese Muffins, a creative way of cooking mac and cheese! Macaroni is baked with a cheese sauce in muffin tins. Allow the muffins to cool a little before serving to let the cheese set. If you love these muffins, why not give these Cheese & Cherry Tomato Muffins …

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Egg Brunch Muffins Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Egg Brunch Muffins

It’s baked eggs, but not as we know it! These Egg Brunch Muffins are a great batch-cook recipe for a heathy to-go breakkie, brunch or lunch. Packed with red peppers, peas, and cherry tomatoes, they are super tasty hot or cold. Take even the youngest of eaters on a food adventure with this marvellous muffin …

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Pizza Muffins

Who doesn’t love pizza night? Get a pizza the action with these kiddie-approved Pizza muffins. Packed full of vitamins from the tomatoes and heaps of flavour, it’s a healthier alternative to a takeaway and one that is 100% kiddie-approved!

Carrot & Cheese Muffins Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Carrot & Cheese Muffins

Make these flavourful Carrot & Cheese Muffins for a grab-and-go breakfast and pack them in the kids lunchboxes for a healthy snack option. Why not try these Cheese & Cherry Tomato Muffins  next!  

Banana, Carrot, Apple and Raisin Muffins recipe by Annabel Karmel

Banana, Carrot, Apple and Raisin Muffins

This simple Banana, Carrot, Apple and Raisin Muffins recipe is packed with fruit and veggies and great to make with budding mini chefs. The addition of a little spice to the mix is a tasty way to introduce them to new flavours. For many more marvellous muffin recipes, click here!

Tasty Egg Muffins recipe by Annabel Karmel

Tasty Egg Muffins

My popular and tasty egg muffins are loaded with healthy vegetables and will help you and your little ones to get your day off to a perfect start. Low in calories but high in protein they can be made in advance so are very convenient for those busy mornings. Discover lots more brilliant egg recipes …

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