Beefy Sausage Rolls recipe by Annabel Karmel

Beefy Sausage Rolls

These Beefy Sausage Rolls make great picnic & party finger foods. For an added twist, use minced pork instead of beef. Find lots of great BBQ & Picnic recipe inspiration here!

Tasty Teddy Bear Sandwiches recipe by Annabel Karmel

Tasty Teddy Bear Sandwiches

If you go down to the woods today… you better take a teddy bear picnic! Kids will love these cute cut out these Tasty Teddy Bear Sandwiches. Annabel has so many more brilliant lunchbox and picnic recipe ideas!

Red Onion & Tomato Bread recipe by Annabel Karmel

Red Onion & Tomato Bread

Nothing beats the taste (and the smell) of freshly baked bread. This red onion & tomato bread has a sweet, sticky topping and is finished with Gruyere cheese.

BLT with Maple Roasted Bacon recipe by Annabel Karmel

BLT with Maple Roasted Bacon

Liven-up soggy sandwiches with this BLT with Maple Roasted Bacon: a strip or two of deliciously sweet maple cured bacon, wedged in-between fresh lettuce & juicy tomato slices. Its super easy and a great addition to your little ones lunchbox. Find lots more tasty Sandwiches & Wraps ideas here!

Flapjacks recipe by Annabel Karmel


The oats in Flapjacks are a slow release energy food and so they’ll keep kids going on busy days. But they also contain quite a lot of sugar and so should be eaten in moderation and as a treat. Flapjacks are an ideal snack food and also great for the little one’s lunchboxes as a treat …

Flapjacks Read More »

American Style Blueberry Pancakes recipe by Annabel Karmel

American Style Blueberry Pancakes

American Style Blueberry Pancakes are light and fluffy and make a brilliant breakfast or brunch idea to set yourself up before a busy day. These are a favourite in North America and the blueberries are packed full of antioxidants and so really healthy and yummy too. These pancakes also make a great alternative on Pancake …

American Style Blueberry Pancakes Read More »

Prawn Pasta Salad recipe by Annabel Karmel

Prawn Pasta Salad

Prawns make a tasty addition to this Prawn Pasta Salad, especially when it’s got a delicious dressing drizzled over it. Its super easy and a great addition to your little ones lunchbox. For another super easy pasta salad perfect for lunchboxes, kids will love this Chicken Pasta

Pan Bagnat recipe by Annabel Karmel

Pan Bagnat

A popular sandwich in the south of France, Pan Bagnat is a hollowed out roll filled with Nicoise salad. For more Picnic & BBQ inspiration, click here!    

Ciabatta Sandwich Loaf recipe by Annabel Karmel

Ciabatta Sandwich Loaf

In need of sandwich inspo? This ciabatta sandwich loaf is deliciously soft when baked in the oven for 20 minutes so the cheese melts. For more lunch & light meals inspo, click here!

Quinoa Salad recipe by Annabel Karmel

Quinoa Salad

Quinoa (pronounced ‘keen-wha’) is a gluten-free grain, rich in protein, calcium & iron. So try this super avocado & quinoa salad recipe! In need of some more super salad inspiration? Click here!  

Crown Sandwiches recipe by Annabel Karmel

Crown Sandwiches

Who knew sandwiches could look this good? Let little ones have fun making Crown Sandwiches out of tasty ingredients.

Baked Sweet Potato Puree

Baked Sweet Potato Puree is an excellent first food for babies as it’s sweet, soft when cooked, and is packed with vitamin A.  

Autumn Apple Muffins recipe by Annabel Karmel

Autumn Apple Muffins

Did someone say elevenses? These appletastic Autumn Apple Muffins are a great mid-morning snack with a cuppa. For more tasty tea time treat inspiration, next try these Courgette, Orange and Spice Muffins

flower sandwiches recipe annabel karmel

Flower Sandwiches

Jazz up your standard square sandwich by carving these cute Flower Sandwiches using petal shaped cookie cutters. For more fun children’s party food inspo, click here!

Chicken Pasta recipe by Annabel Karmel

Chicken Pasta

Swap their sandwich for a chicken pasta salad this lunchtime. This recipe is an all-round winner with a deliciously simple dressing and lots of veggies. Need some more lunch box inspo? Click here!

Layered New Potato Salad with Bacon recipe by Annabel Karmel

Layered New Potato Salad with Bacon

Simply the best combo for salads. Try this Layered New Potato Salad with Bacon has a delicious dressing flavoured with red wine vinegar, mayonnaise & fresh dill. Find lots more delicious salad inspiration here!  

Ruby Fruit Salad Recipe by Annabel Karmel

Ruby Fruit Salad

Bring an array of colour to your table with this summer Ruby Fruit Salad. Use seasonal fruits for the sweetest, freshest & more delicious flavours. Looking for more summer inspo? You have to try this Dairy-Free Summer Berry Smoothie

Mozzarella, Pesto & Tomato Paninis recipe by Annabel Karmel

Mozzarella, Pesto & Tomato Paninis

These Mozzarella, Pesto & Tomato Paninis are a nice alternative to plain sandwiches. The whole family will be very happy with this lunchtime offering! Its super easy and even a great addition to your little ones lunchbox. For more ways to liven up lunchtime, next try these Stuffed Pitta Pockets

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