Apple, Pear & Plum Puree

A fruity favourite – this apple, pear and plum puree is packed with Vitamins C, K and A for your growing baby.

Banana Caramel

This dessert is so simple and easy to make. Watch the bananas caramelise in the buttery caramel and add some brandy for the grown-ups, too.

Blueberry & Granola Frozen Yogurt Bark

You’d be barking mad to not enjoy these Blueberry & Granola Frozen Yoghurt Barks! Packed with protein from the yoghurt and filled with the superfood blueberries, this is the perfect healthy treat to enjoy for breakfast, dessert, or as an afternoon pick-me-up!

Banana, Apple & Sultana Yogurt Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? Whilst commonly considered a ‘treat’ food, my banana, apple and sultana yogurt pancakes turn them into a power-packed breakfast for babies. Super fuel at its best (and tastiest)!

Fruity Chicken

Entice your babies with this Fruity Chicken, delicious on its own or with 4 tablespoons of cooked rice or pasta. Packed with protein from the chicken and heaps of nutrients from the fruit and veg, this Fruity Chicken makes the perfect snack or mealtime recipe for little tums!

Frozen Chocolate Banana Lolly Pops

Did you know that you can make the freshest, healthiest lollies with just a few ingredients? These Banana Chocolate covered lollies are delicious and not only a healthy treat but will also soothe sore gums if your little one is teething.

Yoghurt Pancakes with Apples & Sultanas

These yoghurt pancakes with apples and sultana will tempt even the fussiest eaters to chomp down their breakfast. Fruit is an ideal way to add sweetness without adding processed sugars. Plus, you’ll be happy too as these pancakes are free from refined sugar and provide a host of nutrients as well as much-needed protein.

Mango & Apple Overnight Oats

These mango and apple overnight oats give the breakfast classic a tropical twist. Overnight oats are the ideal breakfast food as they require little prep and are packed with lots of good stuff including protein-packed oats and vitamin-rich fruit. Ensure your little one starts the day right with this tasty recipe!

Easy Overnight Oats

Adapt this recipe for easy overnight oats to suit your little ones tastes. You can add chopped tropical fruits, berries & banana or carrots, apple & raisins for the most delicious & healthy breakfast.

Peach Ice Lollies

Peach Ice Lollies

Made from 100% fruit, and natural sweetness, these peach ice lollies are the ideal dessert on a hot summer day!

Porridge with Banana & Apricots

This Porridge with Banana & Apricots is a a great iron-rich breakfast. Iron is one of the most important nutrients for babies when you start introducing solids (usually from around 6 months). Porridge is a great food for babies and a super easy (and meat-free) source of iron. Top with fruits such as banana and …

Porridge with Banana & Apricots Read More »

Rainbow Yoghurt Bowl

Breakfasts are better with rainbows! Here is a feast for the eyes and the tummy. Packed with colourful fruits, this bowl of goodness will help you start the day with a smile, and help towards your 5-a-day. Hooray! This is an exclusive recipe from Annabel’s best-selling Fun, Fast & Easy Children’s Cookbook.

Banana, Carrot and Raisin Loaf by Annabel Karmel

Banana, Carrot and Raisin Loaf

Everyone loves banana bread. This Banana, Carrot and Raisin Loaf makes a sweet and satisfying breakfast or snack perfect for packed lunches. This is a delicious treat and a great way to use up overripe bananas.

Fruity Porridge by Annabel Karmel

Fruity Porridge

The king of all breakfasts! A bowl of porridge makes for a great start to the day and will give your little one long-lasting reserves of energy thanks to the slow release of complex carbs. Naturally sweetened with Whitworths yummy, dried fruit mix-ups these adorable fox & mouse porridges will send the kids off to …

Fruity Porridge Read More »

Fruit & Veg Ice Lollies

Did you know that you can make the freshest, healthiest lollies with just a few ingredients? These zero-sugar fruit and veggie lollies are delicious and not only a healthy treat but will also soothe sore gums if your little one is teething. This is an exclusive recipe from Annabel’s 30th Anniversary Edition of her Global Bestselling …

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