Chicken Or Beef Tacos

Did someone say Taco Tuesdays!? Annabel’s Mexican tacos are a must-add to this week’s menu. The whole family will love filling, spooning and topping these crispy tacos with fabulous fillings.

Lasagne Cup Rabbits

These bite-sized versions of everyone’s favourite are the perfect twist for your Easter dinner.

Tomato Orzo With Meatballs

Meatballs and orzo cooked in a rich and delicious tomato sauce. It’s easy to make and loaded with flavour. This one-pot dinner recipe will quickly become a family favourite.

Beef Biryani

A quick and simple beef curry and rice packed with flavour. A great recipe to introduce spices to your baby! Freeze the extra portions for handy future meals.

Speedy Oriental Beef With Rice

Asian flavours are on a popularity spike! Don’t miss out of this speedy, flavoursome recipe that will charm the whole family.

Beef Stir-fry With Rice

Beef up your weekly meal with this hearty and tasty beef stir fry with rice. Red meat is a fantastic source of iron which is essential for growing children, whilst the veggies up the nutritious value of the delicious dish. It’s the perfect recipe to introduce little ones to more exotic tastes and expand their …

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Beef Quinoa & Parsnip Squash

This dairy-free beef, quinoa, parsnip & squash recipe is packed with protein from the meat, and a heap of vitamins and minerals in the quinoa and veggies – they’re deemed superfoods for good reason!

Baby Beef Goulash

Beef up mealtimes with this delicious and oh-so-nutritious Baby Beef Goulash. Packed with protein from the meat and heaps of delicious veggies, this recipe can be enjoyed with rice by baby and the entire family!

Mini Meatballs With Apple

Babies and toddlers will love these meatballs, as my secret ingredient of grated apple adds a touch of sweetness …and oodles of child appeal! Remember that iron is the most common nutritional deficiency in children and is vital for their physical and mental development. Red meat is one of the richest and most easily absorbed …

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Baby Cottage Pie with Sweet Potato Mash

A twist on a holiday classic and endlessly comforting dish: Cottage pie is one of the best ways to introduce red meat to your baby is to cook it in a casserole together with lots of root vegetables so that it’s flavoursome and tender.

Egg-Free Meatballs with Tomato Sauce

These Egg-Free Meatballs are a fantastic finger food and are even more delicious when served with a tomato sauce and some pasta. For a variation you could also add a little grated apple to the mix!

Tasty Mince with Tomato Sauce & Rice

Red meat is crucial for growing little ones, so it’s important to have a go-to recipe up your sleeve. This Tasty Mince with Tomato Sauce & Rice is packed with all the good stuff including protein from the meat, hidden veggies – and heaps of flavour!

Egg free and Dairy-free Meatballs

Egg and Dairy-free Meatballs

These Egg and Dairy-free Meatballs make great finger food or serve with a tomato sauce and some pasta. For a variation you could also add a little grated apple to the mix!

Orzo Pasta with Meatballs and Vegetable Sauce by Annabel Karmel

Orzo Pasta with Meatballs & Vegetable Sauce

Mix up your weeknight dinner plan with this delicious twist on an Italian classic: Orzo Pasta with Meatballs and Vegetable Sauce. This recipe is bound to become a new family favourite.

Veggie-packed Bolognese by Annabel Karmel

Vroom Vroom Veggie-packed Bolognese

After a busy day, this is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. Plus, it’s packed with lots of good-for-you veggies. Get. Set. Go! *EXCLUSIVE RECIPE* from Annabel’s New Cookbook: Fun, Fast & Easy Children’s Cookbook. OUT NOW. 

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