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Organic Baby Purees & Pasta

Blazing the first-taste flavour trail for babies, leading children’s cookery author Annabel Karmel has let little ones do the talking (well, gurgling) for her new and improved range of nutritious Stage 1 Organic Baby Purees.

With more and more parents under daily time pressures, serving-up quick and healthy meals on jam-packed days is often easier said than done. So Annabel has turned her most popular weaning recipes from her much-loved cookery books into nutritionally balanced on-the-go pouches for busy days. Mix our vegetable purees with our organic pasta shells to subtly introduce texture into your baby’s diet. 

Each flavour combination offers pure wholesome, home-cooked goodness with 100% fruit, vegetables and natural coconut milk – and nothing else.  Having listened to the needs of parents, the range is also free-from dairy and gluten.

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Stage 1 Organic Fruit Purees


Stage 1 Organic Vegetable Purees & Pasta Shells

Stage 1 Organic Coconut Milk Puree Blends