First Foods

Apple & Raspberry Muesli

Start baby’s day with a homemade Apple & Raspberry Muesli! This nutritious blend of oats, apples, raspberries & yoghurt offers a delicious start to their day.

Avocado, Kiwi & Pear Puree

This tasty Avocado, Kiwi and Pear Puree is a great way to introduce your baby to new flavours while giving them a big helping of essential nutrients.

Chicken, Bean & Carrot Puree

This is a nutritious protein-packed meal for baby. Cannellini beans, chicken and carrot will give your growing foodie a boost of energy for all that exploring. This recipe is also dairy free for those who suffer from a dairy allergy or intolerance (but still creamy in taste from the beans!)

Squash, Parsnip & Spinach Puree

Once your baby has mastered those single first taste fruits and vegetables you can start experimenting with combining flavours. This simple puree recipe features both sweet and bitter tasting veg for an all-round taste adventure!

Oaty Fruity Breakfast Bowl

An overnight breakfast bowl for baby! Chia seeds and flaxseeds add an extra boost of nutrition to this fruity favourite.

Apple & Strawberry Puree

You can introduce beautiful berries to baby at around 6 months. It’s good to be aware that some may develop a rash after eating strawberries particularly if they suffer from eczema. This isn’t always cause for concern and may not be a true food allergy. Top tip! Rubbing a little Vaseline around your baby’s mouth …

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Apple, Pear & Plum Puree

A fruity favourite – this apple, pear and plum puree is packed with Vitamins C, K and A for your growing baby.

Cherub’s Chowder

This tasty chowder is suitable for babies from 7 months, but can be served as a family meal.

Chicken & Parsnip Puree

Chicken is often a firm favourite with babies, and it blends well with the soft consistency and mild fruitiness of puree parsnip.

See-in-the-dark puree

Carrots do improve night vision. They are an excellent source of betacarotene, the plant form of vitamin A, which lack of causes a deficiency in night blindness.

Cherub’s Christmas Turkey Puree

Their first Christmas calls for all those magical flavours you already now they will love as much as you do but in a friendly puree version. This Christmas Turkey Puree, is the perfect way to start your little ones on the tradition!

Leek, Swede, Sweet Potato & Sweetcorn Puree

This delicious puree is packed with heaps of goodness from the superfoods sweet potato and swede, and delicious, fibrous sweetcorn and leek. It’s an excellent first food packed with nutrients and a whole lot of flavour. Top tip: batch-cook and freeze so you always have a nutritious meal for baby on hand!

Salmon, Sweet Potato & Broccoli Puree

A highchair hit thanks to the sweet and nutritious combo of Salmon, Sweet Potato and Broccoli. This combination is guaranteed to pass the taste test for tots, and parents can rest assure that their little one is hitting their nutritional targets!

Sweet Potato & Spinach Puree

This Sweet Potato & Spinach puree has the nutritional WOW factor. Containing not just one, but two superfood powerhouses, this recipe is a great way to hit little one’s nutritional targets in the most tasty way!

Butternut Squash & Parsnip Puree

Give your little one a taste of autumn with this Butternut Squash and Parsnip puree. It’s the perfect blend of tasty, seasonal ingredients, and is a guaranteed hit with baby!

Chicken, Parsnip, Apple & Kale Puree

This Chicken, Parsnip, Apple & Kale puree is the perfect combination of sweet and savoury. This fruity concoction is bursting with all the good stuff from the fruit and veg, and a good dose of protein from the chicken, making it an ideal recipe for your weaning little one!

Banana, Pear & Strawberry Yoghurt Puree

This Banana, Pear & Strawberry Yoghurt Puree is a tasty combination of fruit, fibre, and protein… and heaps of taste! Add some baby cereal or crushed rusk to add texture and take it to the next level.

Mashed Potato, Carrot & Broccoli

This Mashed Potato, Carrot & Broccoli recipe is a weaning winner! Packed with energy-releasing carbs from the potato and heaps of nutrients and vitamins from the carrot and broccoli, this is the perfect recipe to get those veggies in!

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