Sweet Treats

No-sugar Energy Balls

Try these delicious Mini Energy Balls. They make a healthy snack and are ideal to give your child as a mid-morning or afternoon energy boost. No cook time & super easy and a great addition to your little ones lunchboxes.

Football Cupcakes

It’s time to set your ball skills aside and swot up on those decorating skills. The crowd will go wild for these yummy treats.

Ice Cream Cone Cakes

A creative, fun twist on the traditional birthday cake. Kids will love eating their cake in a cone instead of on a plate in these Ice Cream Cone Cakes.

Tropical Smoothie

Delicious fruits grow on tropical islands – think mangoes, pineapples and coconuts. Whizzed together they make a luscious smoothie, perfect for sipping on the beach/in your back garden! You could add a squeeze of lime juice, but we like the creamy sweetness of this recipe.

Apple & Carrot Muffins

These muffins are so easy to make and are great for lunchboxes, picnics or as a little afternoon pick me up.

Choc & Peanut Butter Balls

These scrummy peanut butter balls are quick and easy to make. This is a good recipe for children to help prepare themselves and they taste great with or without the chocolate coating.

Red Velvet & White Chocolate Cookies

A twist on the classic Red Velvet Cupcakes – you have to try these Red Velvet Cookies! They look and taste amazing and it’s the ideal simple recipe to get kids learning new skills in the kitchen.

Beetroot Brownies

It may seem strange but chocolate and beetroot works! These brownies will offer a sneaky (but delicious) surprise when it comes to serving up a tasty teatime treat.

Oat, Cinnamon & Raisin Cookies

Get. Set. Bake! This simple cookie recipe is one you’ll roll out time and time again when your mini chefs want to get crafting in the kitchen! Quick, easy and delicious, they are the perfect teatime treat.

Berry & Beetroot Lollies

Who knew that eating veggies could be so much fun. Also a great way to soothe sore gums. Watch how your little one hangs on to his lolly for dear life whereas other food gets dropped in not time.  

Puppy Cupcakes

These fun bakes are perfect for party animals! Once your cakes are baked and cooled, why not create these adorable pups? Or you can decorate them with your own favourite animals.

Apple Overnight Oats

Save precious time and beat the morning rush with a simple bit of prep! And when we say simple, we mean simple! Overnight oats are delicious and you can easily make up a batch for the whole family the night before. In the morning you’ve got a nutritious breakfast ready to go!

Vanilla Tray Bake

Looking for a fun and patriotic dessert for your next celebration? Look no further than this Vanilla Tray Bake designed as a Union Jack! This delicious and easy-to-make cake is the perfect way to show off your British pride while satisfying your sweet tooth. With a moist vanilla sponge, creamy buttercream frosting, and a stunning …

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Fruit Rockets

Get your kids to eat more fruit with these fun Fruit Rockets, they’ll love to help assemble these too.

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