6-9 Months

Raspberry & Apple Puree

Introduce your little one to the delicious blend of sweet apples and tangy raspberries with this puree, offering a nutritious and flavoursome start to their weaning journey.

Apple & Raspberry Muesli

Start baby’s day with a homemade Apple & Raspberry Muesli! This nutritious blend of oats, apples, raspberries & yoghurt offers a delicious start to their day.

Chicken & Veg Couscous

This is a terrific recipe to get baby tackling texture. Couscous is nice and soft and takes on lots of flavour. Make a big batch and keep a portion back for your lunch too!

Tomato, Carrot & Lentil Sauce with Pasta

Did you know that lentils count as one of your 5-a-day?  So, when blended into a tomato sauce, they add an extra nutrition hit (without anyone knowing!). This tasty recipe is suitable from around 7 months and the mini pasta shapes will help babies learn the art of chewing.

Butternut Squash Risotto

This is a super tasty take on a risotto using basmati rice – and it’s a risotto recipe which doesn’t involve standing over the hob! Blended butternut squash makes a delicious sweet smooth sauce which can be paired with rice as it is here in this recipe or with baby pasta shapes.

Chicken, Bean & Carrot Puree

This is a nutritious protein-packed meal for baby. Cannellini beans, chicken and carrot will give your growing foodie a boost of energy for all that exploring. This recipe is also dairy free for those who suffer from a dairy allergy or intolerance (but still creamy in taste from the beans!)

Squash, Parsnip & Spinach Puree

Once your baby has mastered those single first taste fruits and vegetables you can start experimenting with combining flavours. This simple puree recipe features both sweet and bitter tasting veg for an all-round taste adventure!

Watermelon, Beetroot & Strawberry Lollies

Indulge your little one’s taste buds with a delightful treat that’s as refreshing as it is nutritious. Bursting with the natural sweetness of juicy watermelon, beetroot & strawberry yogurt these lollies are a wholesome way to introduce your baby to new flavors. This is a great recipe to soothe teething baby’s gums!

My First Spaghetti Bolognese

Introducing iron-rich foods such as red meat to your baby is essential from 6 months and there’s no reason why they can’t enjoy a tasty Bolognese. Let’s face it, Bolognese is often a firm favourite with little ones and it’s a great dish to pack in that all-important iron (and those veggies too!)

Pasta Risotto

This is a super simple pasta dish for your baby. With just 6 ingredients, it’s a one-pot wonder packed with nutrient dense veggies, cheese and orzo pasta!

Pasta Stars with Tasty Veggie Sauce

Adding mini pasta shapes to purees introduces texture in a gradual way. This tasty blended sauce is also very nutritious for your baby; made up of carrot, red pepper, peas, tomatoes and cheese it’s worth making up a batch and freezing portions so you’re ready with a nutritious meal for another day.

My First Fish Curry

It’s good to introduce babies to a world of flavour from a young age and this mildly spiced fish curry is sure to tickle their tastebuds. With fragrant spices, sweet root veggies and creamy coconut milk it’s one delicious dish!

Oaty Fruity Breakfast Bowl

An overnight breakfast bowl for baby! Chia seeds and flaxseeds add an extra boost of nutrition to this fruity favourite.

Vegetable Couscous

With red onion, courgette, pepper, passata and basil this Mediterranean flavoured couscous is a fantastic packed lunch option or tasty side dish alongside mini bites or croquettes.

Roasted Piccolo Tomato Sauce

This simple tomato sauce is one you’ll turn to time and time again! Sweet Piccolo cherry tomatoes are roasted to bring out their natural sweetness, then blended into a smooth and creamy sauce. With just a hint of garlic and basil, this is a quick and easy way to add flavour (and some extra nutrition!) …

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