My name is Jessica Sepel; I’m a clinical nutritionist, author and health blogger at JSHealth.

Like so many young women, I spent my teenage years and early 20s struggling with negative body image. I tortured myself to the point that food became the enemy. It took time, but I realized that hating my body was impacting every aspect of my life. From that point on, I committed to understanding nutrition and how my body works.

This is why I want to help you find peace with yourself, to be able to really enjoy life. After having children, your body is in a completely different state to what it was before. It’s a very special time when you’re trying to adjust to having a baby, bonding with that new person. It’s one of the biggest adjustment phases in your life so focus on replenishing and nourishing your body with wholefoods, looking after yourself in the moments that you do have. Life is too short to let weight and food issues take over, especially in those first few years you share with your new bub!


Here are some of my tips to adding some self-love and body appreciation into your day:

Shift your mentality from weight to health. Every time weight loss becomes your focus – give thanks to your health! It will take some time to switch this mentality. I started by just swapping a weight loss focused thought to a health focused thought. Try it and keep doing it – catch yourself. Being more aware of it – that’s the first step. Every morning I wake up and scan my body – thanking each body part for doing what it does. It’s a really powerful way to start to feel appreciation for your body.

You need to accept your body as it is now and your unique body shape – constantly trying to change your body adds so much STRESS to your life and body. Often we have unrealistic body goals because of what’s in the media. It’s crazy. You need to find a realistic body target – I mean, really realistic.

Practice Mindful Eating. Relax with food – Make food choices that honor your health and foods that make you feel well. Food should make you feel good, even AFTER you’ve finished eating it. The instant gratification of a grease/sugar/salt bomb will be followed by queasy regret and poor energy and health outcomes. On the other hand, be kind to yourself. Remember that you don’t have to eat a perfect diet to be healthy all day, every day. You will not suddenly endure a nutrient deficiency or gain weight from one indulgent meal. What we’re interested in is building positive habits of mind, a sense of strong self-satisfaction and joy. We can support this journey with our dietary and lifestyle choices and in the end, it’s those habits that count. It’s what you eat consistently over time that matters. Your body is there for you- supporting you as much as possible.

Gratitude. Want to bring more happiness to your life? Well then be THANKFUL for what you do have, and you will attract more good things! I wake up every morning and write down/think of 5 things I am grateful for—-can you do the same?

Healthy Eating

As well as helping women find peace with their bodies, I’m so passionate about healthy food – showing you how easy it can be to create delicious and healthy dishes for you and your family. These easy one pan dinners are all about throwing a protein and a whole lot of veggies onto a baking dish and popping it into the oven. How easy is that?!

One Pan Japanese Inspired Salmon

Healthy Chicken Pesto Salad

Healthy Fish & Chips

You can find a bunch more easy recipes on my blog and in my new online, 8-week interactive plan; The JSHeath Program. It combines the knowledge I have gained over five years of nutrition/healthy study, as well as through clinical practice and personal experience. ‘The Program’ is for anyone who’s ever struggled to find balance with food and their weight. It’s for those who have tried dieting to no avail, and those who have gotten caught up in the toxic cycle of stress and emotional eating. It’s also for people who are doing all the ‘right’ things, but not seeing a difference. Lastly, The Program is ideal for anyone who wants to embrace healthy living – whether they’ve dipped their toes into the health world or not. In other words, it’s great for beginners as well as the already health-conscious – because we all have to start somewhere.

Visit to find out more. Jess’ second book, Living the Healthy Life, is available from all good bookstores and online at

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