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Last Night a Freezer Saved My Life

Last Night a Freezer Saved My Life

These are the freezer hacks that you need to know about.

  1. Freeze grapes and make some delicious frozen treats for the kids. Alternatively, for a more adult spin on them, pop them in your wine to keep it cool rather than dilute it with ice.
  2. You can preserve and freeze herbs in oil. Just simmer with your onions at the base of your dish!
  3. Getting chewing gum out of clothes is a doddle when you freeze it off! Rub the gum with ice until completely hardened, then with a blunt knife to lever it off!
  4. For a breakfast smoothie on the go, prep and freeze your fruit and veggies ahead.
  5. In fact, ziplock bags are your freezer’s best friends; make a large batch of Bolognese/casserole and save individual portions in bags.
  6. Pack your freezer full. The fuller the freezer the less energy is needed to keep all your food cold.
  7. And finally the ultimate hack for those days…

When you don’t want to cook

You have cooked and someone suddenly stamps their feet that they have changed their mind

You have no time to cook

You have attempted to cook and it was a disaster (it happens to all of us)

Annabel’s New Frozen Meals to the rescue!