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In the Kitchen with Vogue Williams

In a brand new series, we catch up with our favorite celeb parents to ask them a batch of dishy questions!  Mumpreneur, model, and mummy to Theodore, Vogue Williams spills the beans on life as a working mum…


From all things food to daily parent life, we’ve asked them everything you want to know! 

Q&A with Vogue Williams:

What is your favourite meal to prepare? And for your baby?

Spencer and I love to eat roast lamb, we slow roast it for four hours and usually have it with a salad and some sweet potato. Lamb is our favourite meat but it seems to be Theodores least favourite. I like cooking for Theodore, he seems to be easy please although I won’t let that lull me into a false sense of security. His favourite thing to eat are his desserts.


What food temptation do you wish you could resist?

Chocolate, I have to have chocolate every day! I think its good to have a little of what you like because then you
won’t feel like you’re restricting yourself. I wish I could resist it but at the same time I really enjoy sitting down to a cup of tea and some chocolate at the end of a day.


What did you have for breakfast this morning? And what did baby have?

We eat breakfast with each other everyday, my favourite time with Theodore is in the morning. I get the biggest smile and we can take our time getting everything done. I have porridge most mornings as its easy to eat while I feed T at the same time. He has baby porridge and I add some mashed banana and raspberry to it.


If you could invite three people to your dinner table, who would they be?

Oh I love this question! Ok so Leonard Cohen, I was meant to go and see him before he died and never made the gig so I would love to get him to sing at the dinner party. Bill Murray because he just seems like so much fun and lastly Tina Turner because I am a HUGE Tina Turner fan.


What puts a big smile on your baby’s face?

Everything, he is a very smiley baby, he loves being tickled and peekaboo is his new favourite game.


Best piece of parenting advice you have received and from who?

Go with the flow, my mom is quite chilled when it comes to babies and although T has a routine I don’t let it get in the way of things we want to do. He finishes his second nap around 2.15 but I sometimes let him sleep in his buggy so we can get out and about.


What was the best baby gift you received?

I had to think long and hard about that one and I still can’t pinpoint the best one. There are so many useful gadgets out there that we have gotten but I also love getting clothes for Theodore, his wardrobe is better
than mine!


One piece of wisdom you would pass on to your child?

The harder you work the luckier you get. I think its important to have a strong work ethic whether it be in school or in your job. Its nice to achieve things you’ve always wanted but you do have to work hard to get them.


What’s the best baby purchase you’ve made?

I would say the baby shusher or ourbottle prep machine we got when I finished breast feeding. It makes things a lot quicker.


What’s in your fridge for dinner tonight? And what is baby eating?

I will be eating salmon with roasted veg and a side of corn. Im trying to be quite healthy this week, Im sure Ill fall into a bar of chocolate around 8pm! Baby is have pea and carrot puree mixed in with a kind of fish pie. He has only started eating meat so I have to use up all the veggie options I have in the freezer.


Sundays are usually filled with…

Walks in the park, lovely food and chilled time at home.


If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? What would your baby choose?

I would have pasta pesto, I’ve been eating this since Uni and I still crave it at least once a week. For Theodore I would say he would be happy with stewed apples and pears with a hint of cinnamon.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from Vogue Williams. Next up, find out what Anna Saconne answered!

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