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In the Kitchen with Jason Vale

In a brand new series, we catch up with our favourite celeb parents to ask them a batch of dishy questions! This week, Jason Vale AKA ‘The Juice Master’ let’s us in on life as a Dad…

From all things food to daily parent life, we’ve asked them everything you want to know!

Q&A with Jason Vale:

What is your favourite meal to prepare? And for your baby?

It’s always difficult to choose a favourite meal, it’s like trying to choose your favourite film – it depends on your mood and time of day. My Katie does a mean mint pea risotto, but when I’m prepping dinner, I like to keep it as simple as it gets. I love a good salad with a beautiful piece of salmon on top with some homemade pesto. When it comes to little JJ, who is eight and half months at the mo, again we like to keep it simple. Katie does all the cooking and prep for the little one and he seems to love veggies and doesn’t seem to turn his nose up at anything. However, something as simple as avocado and banana in strips works wonders. We leave the strips on his little high chair table and he feeds himself. We are just about to introduce some fish into proceedings and we’ll be doing an amazing homemade fishcake to kick things off.


What food temptation do you wish you could resist?

Cheese. This seems odd given I was a vegan for so many years, but once it gets you again, it’s hard to resist. Katie calls me ‘little mouse’ as if she buys any cheese and expects any to be left in a matter of days, she’s always sadly disappointed.


What did you have for breakfast this morning? And what did baby have?

I had a green blend. I tend to have either a juice or blend most mornings. Well actually I have water and exercise first thing and then I follow it up with a juice or smoothie. Little JJ kicks off with some mother’s milk and then a nice fruity breakfast a little while later.


If you could invite three people to your dinner table, who would they be?

Ricky Gervais, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson. All appear in my Create Magic book because all three have created a great deal of magic in my life for different reasons. One thing is for sure, this would be a very positive and extremely funny dinner party!


What puts a big smile on your baby’s face?

We’re very blessed, he smiles with his eyes and his actual smile is as big as the world. The tone of voice will determine how big his smile is. For some reason at the moment the word Bonobo, said in a certain way, has him smiling like crazy. Katie also runs up to me and away and he loves that as well as being a lover of peek-a-boo


The best piece of parenting advice you have received and from who?

Oh interesting question for which I don’t have an answer. I think the best statements would have been ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ and ‘life will never be the same again’, both are certainly true.

What was the best baby gift you received?

After six rounds of IVF, as corny as it sounds, the best baby gift was little JJ himself being healthy and well. I, like most I imagine, like to invent things that appear to be missing from the market. As JJ is moving like crazy and he moves fast, I thought instead of baby-proofing the apartment, why don’t we apartment proof the baby! I envisaged a breathable bubble wrap type baby suit, but Katie vetoed it


One piece of wisdom you would pass on to your child?

I have a quite a few so choosing one is hard, but ‘Don’t let your possessions possess you’, ‘life is too serious to be taken seriously’ and ‘have as much fun at every opportunity as you possibly can’ would be up there.


What’s the best baby purchase you’ve made?

JJ himself, IVF isn’t cheap!


What’s in your fridge for dinner tonight? And what is baby eating?

Well, as I write this I am actually on a pure blend diet for 7 days and this is my final day, so I’ll be having a blend. Katie and JJ are in Spain and I’m in the UK as I write this so unsure what they’re having. However, if I had to guess, Katie will be having whatever she’s making for JJ, maybe with a little extra thrown in.


Sundays are usually filled with…

Beach time, laughter and family time. Unless I’m at my health retreat as it’s then a morning welcome talk followed by rebounding and a jump in the lake. The rest of the day is full of juice, exercise and spa time.


If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? What would your baby choose?

That’s SO hard to answer. The thought of only having one meal is hard to comprehend, but if I were pushed and had to choose one, then a nice veggie risotto would be up there. Oh but then there’s an amazing veggie burger and sweet potato fries!


We hope you enjoyed hearing Jason Vale spill the ins and outs of parenthood, next up in our mini-series is the mother of four Anna Saccone.

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