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How to introduce finger foods?

How to introduce finger foods?

Quite often babies are determined to feed themselves before they have the hand-eye coordination required to use a spoon. And let’s face it, most of the food in the early stages is going to miss their mouths – but practice makes perfect!

Tips and ideas for getting started with baby led weaning by Annabel Karmel

How to introduce finger foods?

When most babies start to wean they have few, if any, teeth, so it’s a good idea to start with soft finger foods such as soft ripe fruits like bananas, steamed vegetables, cooked pasta and toast. Soft finger foods are much less of a choking hazard than hard foods. But as your baby gets older, you can start to move on to harder foods such as oat cakes, raw vegetables, dried fruits, pieces of chicken and fish, wafer thin meat rolled in to cigar shapes, mini sandwiches and much more.

This style of weaning is called Baby-Led Weaning and you can find out all about it here…

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