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Why Choose Frozen Toddler Food?

There are so many reasons to love frozen toddler food. But we have a corker; Annabel’s delicious recipes naturally frozen and perfectly balanced for speedy mealtimes.

Freezing the meals has locked in that all-important goodness,  without having to use additives of preservatives, meaning that these meals can be eaten regularly, not just when you’re too busy to cook!

They are suitable for 1-4 year olds (but they’re so good the grown ups might want them too!), contain at least 1 of your five a day and are low in salt. If that’s not enough, read on to discover even more benefits of frozen toddler food. 



Frozen Toddler Food saves time

55% of parents told us they are under daily time pressures, and cooking often takes the biggest hit. Fear not. Our kids frozen meals were designed for those exact days – fresh tasting, nutritionally balanced freezer fillers packing in one of their 5 a day.


Fish Pie Frozen Toddler Food

In blind tastings, 95% of mums couldn’t tell the difference between our frozen kids meals and Annabel’s freshly prepared recipes. That’s because we constantly benchmark our meals against Annabel’s original recipes for the very best mealtime experience. We don’t compromise on flavour.


Toddler eating vegetables

45% of parents said it’s a challenge to get their children packing in 5-a-day. It’s no mean feat, but our new frozen meals are a tasty way towards their veggie intake. Annabel’s expert recipes ensure the veggies are cooked just how kids like them.


Frozen Toddler Food, Annabel Karmel

85% of parents told us that clearly labelled nutritionals is most important for them in buying a meal for their child. We couldn’t agree more, so our frozen front of packs give you all the information you need…low in salt, free from artificial flavours or preservatives, one of their 5-a-day, nutritionist approved, British Beef, responsibly sourced fish….and breathe!


Frozen Toddler Food, No additives

92% of families already freeze food. After all, freezing is nature’s way of preserving food. Evidence of people freezing their food for storage has been found as early as 1000BC in China. They managed without artificial preservatives and so have we! All of our frozen kids meals are free from artificial additives or preservatives. Fruit and vegetables are high in water. Once they’re harvested, they start to lose water and are attacked by microbes, ie they start “rotting”. Green peas can lose a staggering 30% of their vitamin C withing 24 hours of harvesting! Freezing stops this process from happening meaning antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are locked in.


frozen toddler food reduces food waste


Did you know that frozen food can reduce household food waste by as much as 47%?

UK households ditch around 7 million tonnes of food each year – and much of that is down to buying more than is needed or a lack of planning. Having balanced options in the freezer for those busy days will keep little ones happy…and your wallets happy too.

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