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Help kids to refuel the healthy way on holiday!

Travelling can sometimes be a challenging time for parents. With the children out of their routine, it’s easy to slip into the habit of ‘anything goes’, and so, I wanted to share a handy guide on how you can encourage healthy eating on holiday whilst still having a little bit of what you fancy!

Let’s face it, routines fall slightly by the wayside on holiday – they offer the ideal excuse for those extra foodie ‘treats’ usually in the form of buffet-style breakfasts and afternoon ice creams!  And, there is no reason why this shouldn’t be the case – you’re on holiday after all. However, that being said, the mention of ‘holiday’ can give those mini opportunists the ammunition to use this special occasion to their advantage.

I personally like the age-old saying of ‘everything in moderation’. Whilst holiday ‘treats’ are of course absolutely allowed, it is important to try and make sure that both your children’s sleep and mealtimes still stick to some sort of routine as much as possible. I promise you, routine will make life easier and happier for everyone. As long as they are eating lots of nutritious foods throughout the day such as fresh fruit, veggies, and still eating their main meals rather than just filling up on empty calorie snacks such as bags of crisps or sugary soft drinks, then you’re on the right track.

Plus, often seemingly indulgent snacks and desserts contain more healthy ingredients than you might think for something that looks and taste so divine. For example my Banana and Strawberry Ice Cream which has just landed on the Sani Resort Kids Menu only has three ingredients – bananas, strawberries and a tiny dash of maple syrup. It’s a fantastic dessert the kids will love and it also counts towards their 5-a-day.

We all know that one of the best things about holidays is eating out and sampling the different cuisines on offer and making the most of all of the fresh local ingredients. Don’t be afraid to let your child try new foods on their break away – from fresh fish to sun-ripened vegetables to traditional dishes, holidaying abroad can actually be a great opportunity to encourage them to explore new healthy foods and dabble with new flavour combinations. This is particularly the case if your home for the week has various restaurants housing different cuisines on offer– it’s a fantastic chance to take them on a culinary adventure each evening and teach them a little bit about worldly flavours.

Mealtimes are often eaten slightly later on holiday, whether that’s because you have long days out and about packing in lots of fun activities, or whether it’s because you’re embracing the culture of a country with siestas and prolonged pool-side sundowners – all can play havoc with our routines.  As I said, if you can, try to stick to sleep and mealtime routines as best you can.  We all know that children can have remarkably short attention spans at the dinner table – all they want to do is eat as quickly as they can and then get down from the table to carry on with whatever fun activity they were doing previously. However, it is so important to make the most of these times together – it’s what family holidays are all about.

Happy holidaying!

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