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10 easy and healthy snack ideas for toddlers and kids

It’s always a good idea to keep a supply of healthy snacks on hand for when those mid-morning and / or mid-afternoon hunger moans strike! I’ve pulled together my top 10 super-fuelled kids snack ideas to help feed their adventures (and keep them topped up until teatime!)

And if you can make your own, then do, as it’s a good opportunity to get the kids involved in the preparation too.

Top 10 Easy and Healthy Snack Ideas

Savoury muffins

A homemade savoury muffin makes for a delicious snack and will help top up energy levels mid-afternoon. You can experiment with lots of different and fillings and toppings but a particular favourite of mine is this Carrot & Cheese Muffins recipe.


Mini energy balls

My Mini Energy Balls are free of refined sugar and packed with lots of good-for-you ingredients such as oats, seeds, nuts and dates to help release energy slowly throughout the day. This healthy snack is one the whole family will love and ideal for both an at home pick me up or to take out and about with you.


Dunk and dip veggie sticks

It’s obvious, but vegetables are a smart way to snack, however sometimes they need a little livening up to appeal to hungry tots. Interestingly, children who don’t like cooked veggies will often eat them raw. Cut up some batons of cucumber, carrot, red pepper or sugar snaps alongside some pitta wedges and add some tasty dips such as guacamole, fresh tomato salsa or hummus to the mix. Even the most ardent veggie hater will be back for more!


Fruity yoghurt

Children are often big fans of yoghurt so it’s a great healthy snack option (as you know it’s one they will likely eat!) Use natural unsweetened plain or Greek yoghurt and add your own fruity flavour with chopped fresh fruits (vary these to add a bit of intrigue). You can also sprinkle with some sunflower, pumpkin, chia or flaxseeds for an added nutrition boost. Why not try my simple hack to transform watermelon into slices of ‘pizza’?


Toast toppings

Toast toppings are endless and let’s face it, it’s possibly the quickest and easiest snack to rustle up to keep those hungry tums happy. Use a slice of toast (already a nutritious energy-giving carbohydrate) as a plate to add some further goodness, for example a healthy fat such as avocado slices. Peanut butter and banana and cheese and tomato are also healthy balanced snack time winners.


Hidden veg smoothies and ice lollies

Most children I know won’t turn down an ice lolly or smoothie with a stripey straw! Use this to your advantage and take the opportunity to add in some veggies. When it comes to homemade ice lollies, I like to pair strawberry, raspberry and beetroot and carrot, mango and orange or why not try my Hidden Veg Smoothie to get them well on their 5-a-day way!


Frittata fingers

Eggs are one of my favourite ingredients to cook with as they contain so many important nutrients such as protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Frittatas are so quick and easy to cook and it’s such a flexible recipe; you can use whatever veggies you have to hand, then simply slice into small squares or fingers for your little one.


Tortilla pizzas

This is most certainly the snack to get the kids to help cook up! There’s no messing about with dough with this kids pizza recipe – it’s simply a case of laying out lots of tasty nutritious ingredients and tasking your child to top (and decorate with faces if you wish!) their own tortilla wrap. It bakes in under 10 minutes and then all that’s left to do is cut into tasty snack size triangles.



Cereal doesn’t have to be reserved for the breakfast table; it’s a fantastic easy snack option for kids. Opt for wholegrain cereal with milk or oats mixed with yoghurt and berries. Alternatively bake into nutritious cereal bars. My Carrot & Oat Energy Bars are sure to be a hit come those inevitable 3pm “I’m hungry” cries.


Kid-friendly soup

Just as cereal needn’t be saved for breakfast, soup needn’t be limited to lunch. Although not necessarily front of mind when you think of food for kids, soup is a fantastic batch cook meal which you can freeze into individual portions and works brilliantly as a post nursery or post school snack. To name just a few of soup’s snacking perks, you can sneak in lots of veg so great for picky eaters, it’s super nutritious, cheap to make and is the ultimate comfort food so a particularly good remedy if anyone is feeling under the weather.


Try and make sure that you’re not offering a snack too close to dinner time so it doesn’t spoil their appetite. And, if they’re getting a good nutrition boost in their snack, you can always offer a slightly smaller portion at dinner.

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