Nicki Philips - Pilates & fitness specialist

Nicki Philips

Nicki is a trained Pilates and fitness specialist with a particular interest in pre and postnatal fitness. She runs her own Pilates studio and is the founder of the niix.fit Pilates & cardio app.

During her late 20s, Nicki turned to Pilates after suffering a back injury caused by poor exercise technique. 16 years later, with a range of qualifications and more than 10 years of studio-based coaching under her belt, she is proud to have personally helped hundreds of women of all ages to gain confidence & strength both physically and mentally.

Keen to share her experience and unique approach to women’s fitness as widely as possible, Nicki created the niix.fit fitness app which allows anyone to follow her methods no matter where they are or how busy their schedule. Niix.fit combines Pilates & HIIT that deliver results quickly & effectively.

As a mum of two in her 40s, Nicki understands that women’s bodies change after having children and as they get older and believe that so must our approach to health and fitness. She is keen to advocate that it’s not about spending hours in the gym every day or endless gruelling runs. Rather, by focusing on the correct technique, and combining Pilates with cardio, anybody can achieve great strength and fitness, no matter their age or stage in life. Nicki’s technique has helped many women pre and postpartum retain and return to fitness by building solid foundations, putting women in a stronger place to get back to optimum fitness and strength, quickly and safely.



The niix.fit fitness app which combines Pilates and HIIT allows anyone to follow her methods no matter where they are in their fitness or how much time they have.

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