Maria Betsworth - CFC Breastfeeding specialist

Maria Betworth Breast and Bottle Feeding Expert

The first six months of your baby’s life are some of the most crucial for growth. So whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding or doing a combination of both, we have all the advice you need from our resident expert to help give your baby the very best start.

Maria Betsworth, CLC, is a London-based German mum of two little girls (4 and 2.5 years). She runs a community helping mums get together to motivate, educate and support each other through their breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding journey.

Maria is a qualified Antenatal teacher, birth educator, doula, and certified breastfeeding specialist. She has a BSC in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, specialising in antenatal and postnatal care.

Visit Maria’s @milkmakingmama community on Instagram for even more advice and support.

As a multiple mum you probably had a hospital birth and that is the best place to learn how to feed your babies. It is possible to breastfeed multiples and staff will show you some positions that might work for…
Today marks the beginning of an exciting journey. Breastfeeding is an amazing choice, not only for your child but for yourself. It is a task to master but right now just enjoy this little bundle of joy that you have…
Reflux is when a weak, immature valve at the top of the stomach allows the feed along with gastric acid to come back up causing symptoms that include heartburn and vomiting. Constant reflux leads to inflammation of the food pipe…
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