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Why eggs are so good for your growing family?

Ok, so we know that eggs are good for us and our little ones. But what is it that makes them one of the best natural sources of goodness?


Vital Vitamin D

Sunshine helps our bodies to make Vitamin D (also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’). But when the sun hasn’t got its hat on, it’s easy to miss out on this essential vitamin.

Few foods naturally contain Vitamin D. But eggs are one of the best natural sources, with Vitamin D in the yolk. But why does Vitamin D matter? Calcium and phosphorus are essential for making your bones grow properly and to keep them healthy. Vitamin D helps your body to use calcium and phosphorus effectively, and without enough of it bones can become weak.


Packing-in Protein

Protein helps us grow, heal and fight off illness, and eggs aren’t just rich in protein; they’re rich in efficient, digestible, high quality protein, including all the amino acids you need to keep healthy. And that’s why we advise to get cracking from the start of your baby’s weaning journey at around six months.


Good Fats

The great thing about eggs is that they’re jam-packed with the nutrients, protein, vitamins, minerals and fats your body needs to stay healthy and work properly – but relatively  low in calories.  Super-nutritious they will help fill tummies up for longer, fuelling their day.

There isn’t a limit on the number of eggs you or your baby or child can eat. However, once you have introduced eggs at around six months, the government’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition advises that eggs should then be included regularly (for example, at least once per week) in order to ensure that your baby continues to tolerate them.


Yummy Yolks

Egg yolks contain vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin B2. They help to keep your skin, eyes, blood, immune system, nervous system and metabolism nice and healthy. They also have plenty of folate, which is needed for your blood and immune system and especially important for mums-to-be!

Egg yolks also contain important minerals like phosphorus, iodine and selenium which help to keep your body healthy, beneficial polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, and essential omega-3 fatty acids that help to look after your heart, brain and eyesight.

For more information visit www.egginfo.co.uk 

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