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WIN My Buddy Wheels: the first bike your 21st century toddler needs

We’ve partnered with our friends My Buddy Wheels, a new and exciting balance bike brand from Yvolution, to give you a chance to win TWO of their buddies!

PLUS the winners will receive a signed copy of Annabel’s Real Food Kids Will Love Cookbook + a free download of Annabel’s #1 bestselling recipe app

My Buddy Wheels is the first balance bike your toddler needs. Design-led, innovative, imaginative balance bikes for modern families.

My Buddy Wheels believes that learning to cycle can be way more fun! Climbing onto a dinosaur, a horse, or a unicorn captures a toddler’s imagination like nothing else, and makes the traditionally scary task of learning to ride a bike an insanely fun and exciting experience. These happy memories stay with them forever, and they will always associate this happy and confident feeling with cycling. My Buddy Wheels gives toddlers confidence to go to the next stage. Going straight to a pedal bike with ease

The buddies come in three characters: the friendly Dino, the classic Horse and the lovely Unicorn.

Visit www.mybuddywheels.com to discover more of their adorable balance bikes who are also available at Halfords!

*Competition closes on 18th October 

Competition closed