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Childrens’ Christmas Party Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a kids Christmas party at home or helping to plan a kids Christmas party at nursery or school, here are some great ideas for cracking invitations, fun-filled games, activities and that all-important festive spread.



Kids will love to help you get involved in the party preparation. Get crafty with some beautiful hand-made Christmas cracker invitations.

You will need: toilet roll holders, white paper, gold tissue paper, shiny red paper, gold ribbon, a selection of Christmas decorations such as holly.

Write the details of the party on a piece of paper and wrap it around an empty toilet roll holder. Why not include little gifts such as a balloon or a chocolate. Cover with gold tissue and shiny red paper and tie the ends to look like a cracker with gold ribbon. To up the festive factor, stick on some dazzling Christmas decorations!



Hunt the Christmas Card
Cut old Christmas cards in half. Put one set of halves in a basket and divide them amongst the children. Hide the other halves around the house and ask the children to search for as many of them as possible in a given time.

Christmas Stocking
Put various objects into a Christmas stocking (without the children seeing what they are!) Have a mixture of things, some more unusual than others. The children then have to feel the stocking and guess what’s inside.

Pin the nose on Rudolph
A Christmas version of the classic pin the tail on the donkey. Every child has a go at trying to pin the red nose on Rudolph. Don’t forget to turn the children around a few times once blindfolded to disorientate them.

Christmas Drawings
Make a list of things to do with Christmas such as reindeers, snowmen, Christmas puddings etc. Divide the children into teams and ask the first child from each to come up so you can whisper in their ear the name of the first object. They must then go back to their team members and draw it. As soon as the team members guess correctly, the next person goes up, and so on. To make it slightly more difficult ask the children to draw the objects with the wrong hand!

Paper Dress Up
Divide the children into pairs and put lots of props including Christmas wrapping paper, felt, cotton balls, sticky tape, scissors, string and ribbon. One of each couple has to make an outfit for the partner to wear – give them about 15 minutes. Then hold a fashion show so that everyone can vote, giving marks out of ten for each Christmas outfit.



You can also get children involved in activities like baking and decorating Christmas cookies. Use Christmas cookie cutters like bells, angels, stockings and Christmas trees to shape the biscuits. Put out plenty of decorating items like coloured sugar, tubes of writing icing and sprinkles.

It’s also fun to make paper snowflakes. You will need lots of pairs of scissors, pencils, crayons and glitter. Show the children how to draw patterns on the folded paper, which you can then cut out so that when the paper is opened up the result is a cut-out snowflake ready for colouring in and decorating before hanging on the tree! This is a great activity for entertaining little ones and they act as lovely mementos for them to take home.



All the excitement will make for some hungry little tums so ensure you have some tempting treats on offer. From North Pole Penguins, to Strawberry Santas, kids will love this selection of Christmas creations. Here are some of Annabel’s favourite holiday party recipes:



Need more inspiration for the holiday season?