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Toddler Feeding

Once babies enter the toddler years, things often change quite a bit in the eating department. In an ideal world, our children would happily eat a varied, healthy diet giving them all the nutrients and vitamins they need during this period of growth.

But feeding your child is not a one-size-fits-all process and, at this stage, toddlers want to assert their independence, and getting them to eat the nutritious fare that’s put in front of them may be a trial.

From the age of one year, your toddler will be keen to feed herself, her fingers often being the eating tools of choice. It’s a good idea to let her experiment with her fingers and toddler cutlery; it won’t come naturally, so needs a little practice. This may mean you have to brace yourself for a bit of mess. If your toddler struggles to get the hang of using a spoon to begin with, try giving soft finger foods.


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