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The funny thing about being pregnant is that it is hard to see beyond the bump, both literally and figuratively! You may have viewed your birth-day as the finish line but you will soon realize that you have only just started your parenting adventure. Welcome to life beyond the bump!


For the first few precious weeks after birth you and your baby may feel jet-lagged as you adjust to life outside the womb. Eating and sleeping are the headline acts at this stage and crying may indicate a scene change, or just a nappy change!


The first three months are sometimes referred to as the fourth trimester; your teeny tiny new person is utterly reliant on you and as you get to know each other and grow in confidence the bond between you will be growing too.


You will soon become your own expert, more knowledgeable about your baby than anyone else, but until then, we are here to help you on your way.

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