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Packing in (and keeping track of) your little one’s 5-a-day quota can sometimes feel like quite the challenge, particularly if you have a fussy eater on your hands. Yet, it’s so important to get children trying as many different healthy, nutritious foods as possible from an early age. Over the years of developing and cooking up recipes for babies, children and families, some foods stand out for me as true kitchen staples due to their hidden health benefits, fantastic flavour and versatility, and these are ingredients I reach for time and time again.

So, I’ll let you in on a naturally sweet, secret ingredient that’s packed full of all-important nutrients…cherry tomatoes! Brightly coloured and bursting with all-important vitamins, 

these versatile mini marvels will give your children (and whole family) a serious health boost.  

Handy and savoury they are a source of many of the essential vitamins and minerals your children needs.  And just seven cherry tomatoes count as one portion.

Created in Provence and grown in Great Britain by British producers, Piccolo cherry tomatoes have this unique flavour, a delicate balance of sweet, sour and juicy. Just the perfect combination to educate your children to the excellence of taste!

Armed with a punnet of Piccolo cherry tomatoes, there are countless ways to boost your children’s vegetable in-take in a tasteful way.

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