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Best Weaning Products

Annabel Karmel handpicks the best weaning products to help new parents

It feels like only yesterday that your little one was having her first newborn feed, and now she’s ready to start on solids. It’s an exciting milestone but can also feel like a daunting time for many parents. With this in mind, Annabel has put together her top picks to make your weaning journey as smooth (and as mess-free) as possible.


Annabel Karmel Ultrabib from Bibetta

£6.99 Bibetta

Don’t worry about serving meals on plates or bowls when you start out.  The likelihood is it will end up on the floor anyway!  Do however, invest in a washable bib. The Annabel Karmel Ultrabib from Bibetta looks great and is so practical. Neoprene is ideal bib material as it’s naturally waterproof, stretchy and soft, tough and durable and can be washed in the machine or by hand. Plus, it is virtually stain-proof which makes it the perfect material for entering the wonderful world of weaning!  


Nutribaby(+) by Babymoov

£139.99 Babymoov

Being well prepared is a great way of ensuring you have everything you need and can save you lots of stress on a busy day. By batch cooking and freezing individual portions, you’ll save precious time and it will give you the freedom to ‘wean on the go’ so your baby can enjoy their first foods whether at home or when out and about.

With the largest cooking capacity on the market, why not use the Babymoov Nutribaby(+) to prepare a week’s worth of baby meals in advance or cook a meal for the whole family. The steaming, blending and bottle warming functions make it a real worthwhile investment for fast, fresh food prep as it will see you through pregnancy, early years and beyond!

Annabel Karmel Food Cube Tray

£5.99 NUK

The Annabel Karmel by NUK Food Cube Tray is perfect for freezing small portions of your baby’s food. By preparing food in batches and freezing it in the food cube tray, you need only cook once or twice a week.

Stackable Food Pots are perfect for storing fresh baby food and great if you end up with any leftovers. The pots clip together for easy storage and with three different size pots these are perfect for use at home or when out and about.

Metal spoons are a bit hard for baby’s sensitive gums. Plastic weaning spoons are nice and soft with no sharp edges. The Annabel Karmel by NUK Rest Easy Spoon is perfect as your baby’s first feeding spoon as it features an easy grip handle and its soft tip is gentle on teeth and gums while a supportive base helps keep germs off the spoon (and mess off the table!)


Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit

£29.99 Tidy Tot

The Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit is THE weaning essential that all parents need to make mealtimes a little less messy, but just as enjoyable for little ones. This award-winning kit cleverly eliminates the gap between baby and highchair, keeping food in easy reach for little fingers whilst preventing it from falling into baby’s lap or on to your floor.  Perfect for feeding finger foods and an absolute must have for when baby starts demanding the spoon! Say hello to stress-free weaning and  goodbye to stained clothes, endless washing and constant cleaning!



Feeding Spoon Dispenser

£10.99 Marcus & Marcus

As most of us have probably experienced, feeding a baby is not always an easy task. This genius feeding spoon dispenser from Marcus & Marcus is designed to help make mealtimes easier. It removes the jar and the mess and packs a whole meal into a single one-handed utensil. The fun rocket design attracts your little one’s attention while the spoon dispenses food one bite at a time with a little squeeze. The stand-up base keeps the spoon off the table, so both stay clean. The handy cap can also be used to seal in food when your family is on-the-go.


Super soft Baby Wash

£8.00 Fifi & Friends 

If you thought that feeding your baby would become a less messy task as she grew older, think again…especially if you’re going down the Baby-Led Weaning route – letting them attempt to feed themselves comes hand in hand with a whole lot of mess!

 Fifi & Friends have a range of natural baby products to get your little one squeaky clean and soft post their foodie feast! This soft and mild body wash delicately cleanses even the most sensitive skin, ensuring soft and happy skin.

Pocket Snack by Chicco

 £20.00 Chicco

Pocket Snack by Chicco is the most practical solution to allow your little one to join in at the family dinner table during an evening at a pizzeria, a Sunday brunch or lunch out at a friend’s house. It’s easy to attach and secure to a chair with the adjustable belts and it’s also incredibly light and easy to carry either with shoulder strap or handle.