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Introducing solid food is a big milestone, and your baby’s highchair has a big part to play in ensuring a comfy weaning ride. After all, it’ll become their feeding throne for at least six months or longer.
And if you are exploring baby-led weaning, you’ll want to find a highchair that reduces the time spent cleaning-up!

To help you get prepared, Annabel shares her tips on what to look out for when choosing the right highchair for your eager weaner.


1. Make sure it’s easy to clean

It’s going to be a good few months before your baby’s mastered those all-important coordination skills.

And let’s face it, food will be a whole new ball game for your baby at the beginning – especially if foods are placed directly in front of them to explore, so be prepared for a daily clean-up. Pick a highchair that is wipe clean. Ideally, look for removable straps to make cleaning them easier.


2. A wide tray with a lip is a good idea

Baby-led weaning is all about play and exploration, particularly at the beginning, so it’s important to choose a highchair that has a wide tray and a lip or ridge around the edge.

They’ll be spending lots of time smearing and smothering the tray with food, so if you have a big surface with a lip, there’s less chance of them decorating the floor with their food cast offs.



3. Comfort should always come first

If you’re trying out baby-led weaning, you’ll be guided by your baby’s pace.

And at the beginning, this is likely to mirror that of a snail – slow!

This means comfort is super important as they’ll be spending a fair amount of time in their highchair. Choose a highchair that has plenty of padding.



4. One that grows with your little one

Babies grow faster in their first year than at any other stage of life, so you’ll want a highchair that grows with them.

Go for a highchair that grows with your baby as they develop. After all, the last thing you want to do is invest in multiple highchairs.






5. Quick folding is key

Let’s face it; babies come with a lot of stuff! But there’s no need to have your highchair on show 24-7.

Find one that can be easily folded up between use, and quickly set-up for when you have a hungry baby wanting to eat.





6. Bring them to the table

Baby-led weaning is all about getting little one involved in family mealtimes, so having a highchair that can be adjusted so that your baby can be pulled right up to the table is a real positive.

Look for a highchair where the tray can be removed so that your baby can use the tabletop directly.

Annabel’s Top Highchair Pick

Polly Progres5 from Chicco is great for baby’s weaning journey. It’s a 5-in-1 highchair that follows baby’s growth from birth to 3 years because of its five different configurations.

This is a great chair as it’s super-easy to use and follows your baby through every age and stage from birth; it’s an all in one recliner, highchair and booster seat.

Ultra-compact, and with a revolutionary zipper system which lets you adjust the seat, the Polly Progres5 makes for comfy mealtimes. Plus, the removable tray is nice and wide with a lip, and every element is easily cleaned. Find out more here.

Once you’ve made your highchair choice, it’s time to explore a world of foods, and Annabel’s brand new Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book provides a world of simple, tasty recipes which your baby and the whole family will love.

Annabel’s new Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book equips families with the option to do what they feel is best.  This book can be used on its own for exclusive baby-led weaning. Or it can be used as a companion cookbook to Annabel’s original feeding guide, the New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner, which is filled with her popular puree recipes.

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