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Prepping & freezing by Annabel Karmel

Prepping & freezing

Prep ahead Preparing fun-for-the-tum packed lunches the night before will spare you a soggy sandwich experience. Left overs from dinner are often lunch box friendly and simple things like keeping salad dressings separate, will keep things crisp and crunchy. Keep lunchboxes cool with ice packs or freezer gels. Freezing cartons or plastic bottles of juice

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Lunchboxes | Annabel Karmel


Given that school children consume one third of their daily food intake at school (once they are too old for the governments free school meals initiative), the humble lunch box is worthy of consideration. It is too easy for lunchboxes to be packed full of the wrong things, namely the usual culprits; fat, sugar and

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Weaning Preterm Infants | Annabel Karmel

Weaning preterm infants

Expert advice from Caroline King Dietitian (Neonatal Specialist) Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust The department of health guidelines for weaning do not include babies born premature therefore health professionals working with this group have put together guidelines based on published evidence and experience. This has been summarised in a booklet published by Bliss. You can

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Are Allergies Genetic? | Annabel Karmel

Are allergies genetic?

If your family has a history of allergies, it’s understandable to be concerned that you might have passed on these same allergies to your baby. Consultant Paediatric Allergist Professor Adam Fox is here to explain whether allergies are in fact hereditary. Are allergies genetic? The tendency to develop allergies and associated allergic problems, such as

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Tips and ideas for getting started with baby led weaning by Annabel Karmel

Tips and ideas for getting started with baby led weaning

If you’re looking to incorporate baby-led weaning into your baby’s routine, then look no further! In this article Annabel Karmel shares baby led weaning tips and ideas based on the most frequently asked questions. What are the best baby-led weaning starter foods? Babies around six months tend to use their whole hand to pick things

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Cow's milk allergy | Annabel Karmel

Cow’s milk allergy

Infants and children usually experience Cow’s milk allergy (CMA) symptoms in their first few months as cow’s milk and dairy contain essential nutrients including proteins, minerals, and vitamins which are essential for growth as well as bone and dental health. Cow’s milk allergy is one of the most common food allergies to affect babies and

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