However tight a ship you run it helps to keep the sometimes chaotic family waters as calm as possible. We may not be able to give you a map to destination Household Harmony but we can equip you with hints, tips and advice to help you navigate the challenges of parenting older children.

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Take a few minutes to read our advice and equip yourself with some simple first aid skills so that accidents can be treated with a little knowledge and confidence. Save time planning ahead and  freezing meals so on busy days you don’t need to cook. Take a look at our tips on planning parties and get your child involved in everything from choosing the theme, making the invitations and preparing the food  and lots more….


Annabel’s Busy Mum’s Cookbook is the perfect cookbook for mums (or dads) who are juggling a busy life.  Try dishes that take just 20 minutes to prepare or need only 6 ingredients. Planning lunches for school or work is a breeze with all the creative ideas for lunchboxes and snacks. If you have family or friends coming round there are some amazing foolproof recipes for impressive entertaining without spending hours in the kitchen.

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